Black Miette

All winter I kept thinking that I needed a black cardigan to throw over whatever I was wearing when the weather was cold and I was inside and therefore a coat wouldn’t do the job. Enter my third Miette – in black Alpaca with a touch of merino. I should say here that I didn’t want to knit another Miette, I wanted a regular sort of a cardigan, but couldn’t find a pattern that used the small amount of yarn I had in my stash.


Because the yarn I chose was double knit and this is supposed to be knitted from worsted, I added a strand of laceweight cashmere and then went up a size. I think I have overdone the sizing – it’s pretty roomy for a negative ease, cropped cardigan! I don’t mind the size so much as the low neckline. This might be problematic in the winter, but I just can’t unravel it all, and I figured I could cover up the neckline with a scarf.


I finished this quite recently, after summer had hit, so the first cool, dull day, and I was in it to take photographs. By the end of this session, which was before 6am, I was too warm and took it off, so I can’t tell you how it stands up to a day’s wear – although my skirt looks as though I slept in it!


I added a couple of extra inches to the length and made the sleeves full length to make it more winter appropriate. I do love this pattern, but may not use it again for a while.

I fussed around with the buttons. Black ones just got lost, so I found these rather gorgeous ones in my stash. They are fairly plain on the front (the one on the left), but the backs are all different and seem to have a myriad of colours. I naturally chose to use them the wrong way round!


The details: Pattern is the Miette by Andi Satturlund, wool is Alpaca/merino blend from the Australian Alpaca Barn in Nurses Walk in The Rocks, Sydney. Skirt is Champagne and blouse is the Bellina, both from Capital Chic Patterns. Shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell from Zomp, Claremont.


14 thoughts on “Black Miette

  1. I must say that your splendid skirt outshines the cardigan (may I add that I do love creases in real linen, it always remind me of luxurious Italian suits). The look is complete with these stylish shoes. Bravo.

  2. So is that the largest size? I’m planning on making another Miette too (just haven’t quite managed to get around to casting on yet), and was going to do the largest one this time. I’m a little worried about the neck being too large as well, but I’m not a fan of that much negative ease, and on my last one I found my knitting was too tight. I’ve been working on knitting looser, but who knows how it will turn out?

    I love this colour, and I’m sure when it’s cold enough again you’ll get loads of wear out of it, even if you have a cold neck!

    1. Thanks Andrea. Yes, this is the size 42, but I used thinner wool (8 ply). I think the neckline is the only part I’m not happy with. In spite of what’s visible in the photos the darts actually sit in the correct place on this one, and I like the bit of extra room. I wondered whether the neckline could be raised by casting on fewer stitches and knitting a bit more before dividing for the arms? My mum could have done this pre nursing home days, but my skills aren’t up to it. Actually, if I plotted it out on a piece of graph paper, they might be!

      1. I would have no hope trying to change the neckline! I already have issues with how low my first Miette sits on the neck. I can only imagine how low the larger size will be!

  3. This is a really good outfit. the jumper and skirt are lovely and I am having serious shoe envy over the Jeffrey Campbell’s…

  4. Creativity is impressive, as is the prolific output Sue!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in 2015.
    Will be on Leave as of tomorrow, so will take the opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas and exciting New Year.
    Sofia xx

  5. Good job. I’m still knitting away on my cropped sweater. Think of it this way, this miette is different from your others. I think it looks nice even if it isn’t negative ease.

  6. You have been very busy with so many different makes, your Miette looks perfect for winter and I frogged my last one due to those darts but hopefully it will reapper soon.

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