White jeans take two


DSC01320     After the success of Archie’s white jeans, I thought I’d have time to make my planned Ginger jeans, but no, Archie asked begged pleaded for another pair, but this time with an elasticated cuff round the bottom of the leg. I acquiesced on the grounds that all this practice will improve my own jeans when I finally get round to them.

The jeans themselves came together quite quickly, and all I had to manage was the cuffs. I made a rough determination of the size and decided that I would make them separately and then attach them. Sewing in the elastic was a two-man mother and son operation – I sewed and Archie held the elastic under tension. This seemed simple and the jeans were looking good. He did a test try on and declared them “anything”, but then it became a two-man mother and son operation to get them off! One of the cuffs was a bit tight and he could not get it over his foot. OK, back to the drawing board. I remade one of the cuffs many times – it was too tight, then too loose, then too sloppy. Honestly, these cuffs took me longer than the jeans! Then Archie got involved and designed a method of attachment that he thought would make it easier. Hmm, only marginally successful. More unpicking and I went back to my method, which was to put it all in the bin and go off and buy better quality elastic, which worked a treat.


My other problem was that I decided to interface the waistband and he couldn’t do them up. Unpicking ensued and I ripped out the interfacing and the waistband stretched round him nicely.


Finally I got them to an acceptable standard, but I will have another go with some blue denim jeans for him – eventually!


I was going to make myself a pair of trousers with the leftover fabric – I saw sailor type trousers in my future, but I doubt that I’ll get a skirt out of what is left over. Oh well, he’s thrilled, so all is well that ends well.


Details: Pattern is KwikSew 3504 modified to make the legs skinnier and to add the elasticised cuffs. Fabric is stretch cotton from Potters Textiles.


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    1. haha, I do sleep but I don’t cook and I do very little housework. I’m going on long service leave next year and will probably struggle to sew anything!

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