Linda track pants

I thought that I ought to make myself some warm trackpants in anticipation of the trip to Hobart so got out my StyleArc Linda pattern and made them from some bamboo/organic cotton fleece from Bamboo fabric store.

This is truly wonderful fabric, quite elegant on the outside and warm and snuggly on the inside. I figured that inseam pockets would add too much bulk so added pockets to the outside of the front because I always need somewhere to put my phone (and my hands). I zigzagged them on to keep them flat.


They are the perfect apparel for exploring the delights of Hobart. I thought this was an appropriate setting!DSC00638

They are also good for sitting around on benches. This one is not in the middle of a garden – this is a trompe l’oeil in a little alley in North Hobart. What’s real and what’s not?

DSC00668Clearly the bench was real but the flowers, fence and windows are painted on the wall.

How is this door? I love the fact that there is a paper sticking out of the letterbox. And what about the dog? A gorgeous blue heeler.

DSC00666  and these two mutts are also pretty cute.DSC00665

The details:

Pants are StyleArc Linda made from bamboo/organic cotton fleece from Bamboo Fabrics in Queensland. Top is my Black White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns. Jacket is Helly Hansen, an oldie, but a goodie. Pearls are from House of Riches, Cottesloe – every outfit looks better with a strand 🙂



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