OWOP* day 1

*For the uninitiated OWOP stands for One Week One Pattern which is a challenge whereby the challengee (me) has to wear a garment a day made from the one pattern. I had a great deal of trouble choosing my pattern – would I go Vogue 1247, of which I have six, or would I go Capital Chic White Russian, four of which currently hang around in my wardrobe? In the end, of course, I decided to do both :).

Day one, being a Saturday, I wore a previously unblogged version of the skirt


It is made from leftover fabric from these trousers of Mark’s.


I am wearing it with my blue White Russian, so have ticked the box for the challenge on day one, only six days to go.

I was busy taking a photo of the back view when I was suddenly distracted by a weed – this is the result…



A large expanse of blue behind! It made me laugh and I thought you might get a giggle from it too. I note that the invisible zip isn’t invisible (mind you, it is stretched rather tight :). Oh well.

Details: Vogue 1247 skirt in a blue/grey linen that Mark brought back from Sri Lanka. The top is Capital Chic White Russian.  Necklace was given to me by Bridgette and Tom and the boots are Hispanitas. DSC00509


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