More trousers for Mark

I have made Kwik Sew 3663 for Mark so often, that I think I could make these trousers in my sleep. They are really supposed to be for working around the house but since Mark brought me home all this wonderful fabric from Sri Lanka, I have been making him a slightly more tailored version.

These trousers are made from a heavy cotton in a lovely blue/grey colour.


We were just heading out for a casual dinner with friends and I managed to get a quick pic of him. He’s so well trained that he even did a twirl for me!


DSC00498The rugby top is Stretch N Sew 1758 blogged here.

rugby top pattern

Mark loves rugby tops and I have to create the stripes manually and piece them together. It is the perfect top to go over these trousers.

Mark trouser pattern

Now that Mark is wearing these trousers outside the house I am modifying the pattern slightly to make them look a bit more like trousers and less like tracksuit pants. I have made him two more pairs and added a faux fly. They still have an elasticised waist but I am working on that as well. More of this in the next trouser post.







6 thoughts on “More trousers for Mark

  1. I see he isn’t letting go of the wine and Ferrero Rocher in his posing. Good job on those trousers and do you really piece the stripes on the shirt? Why?


    1. Hi Jenny, yes I noticed the clutching of the alcohol and chocolate too! I do piece the stripes – he doesn’t think a rugby is a rugby without the stripes, and, even if I could buy wide striped fabric, I like to mix and match what I have in my stash (these shirts take a tiny amount of fabric). He does all the cooking, so I like to make him something special 🙂


  2. Trousers and top look great on Mark – he looks very comfortable, especially with that bottle of red in his hand – very cosmopolitan.


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