Recycled skirt take two

I accidentally published this post a couple of days ago and then had to delete it because it was incomplete, so this is my second attempt. Apologies!

This was a skirt given to me by my friend Thelma. This is what it looked like when it was donated last year (being modelled in a paddock at Margaret River for those of you who are interested). I took it camping back in January so that I could unpick it and think about what I might make from it.

DSC07053…and the back view. My own dog has no interest in being in photographs, but Asher, who belongs to Tessa, my stepdaughter,  was shadowing me all day.

DSC07055Interesting pleat at the knees, no? I could put my lunch in there! The fabric however is gorgeous and I love the subtle blue print, so I decided it wanted to be a pinafore dress. The problem was that I didn’t have a suitable pattern, so did a bit of self-drafting. I cut the skirt off at the required length, leaving the hem and side split in situ. Then I cut out a bodice and joined the two together. The skirt was quite a bit too big, and I didn’t cut it down too much as I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to get the dress on if it was too fitted. However, I think I might just take it in a bit, having looked at the photographs.

I used a bit of the middle section which was surplus to requirements as binding for the neck and armholes.


You may be able to see the pocket – that was actually the piece cut from the neckline at the front and I couldn’t bear to waste it so hemmed it and sewed it on to the side.

The top is made from fabric also donated by Thelma and I made the dress with this top in mind.DSC09833

Not sure why my tights look so weird – they are quite shiny and I think I have a strange reflection. I also don’t like the boots, on reflection, so will need to explore some different shoes to wear with the dress.DSC09835

The details:

Pattern for dress is self-drafted, fabric is from a recycled skirt donated by my friend, Thelma. Top is Vogue 8793 from fabric also gifted to me by Thelma. Belt was a gift from my friend Sophie. Boots are PK from Soletta Shoes, Mt Hawthorn.







14 thoughts on “Recycled skirt take two

  1. Your pinafore is a great refashion from an interesting skirt. The tee shirt and pinafore are a perfect match and they both look warm and cosy.

  2. Another great transformation Sue – this pinafore looks terrific and you have used the chrysanthemum motif to great advantage. Megan Salmon would be impressed! Keep on treadling gell!

  3. For the life of me I cannot work out what that pleat was for in the original skirt… never seen anything like it! This looks so much better as a dress, well done!

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