Miette cardigan

This is my second Miette cardigan, knitted from wool I bought from Litet nystan in Stockholm (and finished with buttons from Hong Kong). This is fabulous wool, soft and easy to knit. It is Alta Moda Alpaca – baby Alpaca.


I extended the length by two pattern repeats and also added several inches to the sleeves to make them full length. For those of you new to the Miette, it is knitted in one piece – no seaming required – yay, BUT, when doing the sleeves the use of a single circular needle can prove tricky. Some people use double pointed needles, but I hate them, so I use two circular needles and this works brilliantly for me.


Most of the cardigan was knitted on long plane flights – I began it on the way home from Sweden and finished it in Hong Kong, with a bit knitted in the car going to and from work. By the end of the project there is a whole cardigan hanging off the needles!


After my little sojourn in Hong Kong I had many buttons to choose from and struggled to decide which to use. Which ones would you choose? I got all conservative and chose the one third from the left, but I may still change them.


One of the things that I am quite bad at is picking stitches up evenly, so I divided the neckline into four and only had to juggle a quarter of the stitches at a time. This worked really well and I’m sure you all do it, but just thought I’d mention it…


This was a lovely project and I enjoyed making it, and wearing it even more.

Details: Miette cardigan from baby Alpaca, buttons from Hong Kong, teamed with Gabriola skirt. The setting is the Mt Eliza lookout in Kings Park and the treetop walk, also in Kings Park, Perth.



6 thoughts on “Miette cardigan

  1. Its absolutely gorgeous and I love the mix of buttons! Think I’ll have to knit another! I’ve got 40cm and 30cm circular needles which I use for the sleeves, never been able to figure out the magic loop method and when I try double points I feel like I’m playing Kerplunk!


    1. Yes to the Kerplunk, that’s exactly how I feel! I have figured out magic loop but I think it stretches the stitches a bit (so… maybe I haven’t figured it out 🙂 )


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