1940s dress revisited

Remember that I made a wearable muslin of this dress? It is from the 1940s and is a sweetly elegant dress – until it gets on to my back!


When I made the wearable muslin I found that my actual toile was a bit short in the bodice, so lengthened the muslin by 4cm to find it was 3cm too long, so in this iteration I knocked off the 3cm, and guess what? Yep, it’s too short in the body – very annoying!


I also felt that the muslin was slightly baggy, but without changing a thing, this one is skin tight. Yes, obviously it makes me wonder whether I’ve put on a little layer of podge, but I don’t think I’ve acquired that much.


I can also see my hem line on these photos, which I’m sure I can’t see that easily in real life, so that’s a bit disappointing. I will be frogging and redoing.

The belt has a buckle from my stash that is from the 1940s, so I was quite pleased with myself on that front.


Nothing much has changed in the back view. It is supposed to have shoulder pads, which would fill out the shoulder a bit at the back, the problem is that it lifts the bodice too much so I left them out.


So, enough of this dress for a while. I might make a summer version, but I feel as though I need to move on.

Details: Pattern is Advance 3738 from the 1940s, fabric is a fine houndstooth wool blend from Potter’s Textiles. Buckle is vintage and from my stash.

This is Day 8 of Me-Made-May14 and I have managed to wear the dress and underwear that are made by me.


Before I sign off I thought you might enjoy this image about sewing:



This is so true!!


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  1. The dress looks like it has a lot of work in it, with its front yoke, fitting gaters and darts at the back. the buckle is perfect for the fabric and the ‘sewing image’! LOL

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