Green linen dress

My sister emailed me at the weekend complaining that she was in blog withdrawal, so I whipped up this dress to appease her!


We had one overcast day and I began thinking about autumn so put long sleeves in the dress. It may not see the light of day again for quite a few weeks! The fabric is a green coated linen. It is basically white fabric with the green coating overdyed. Quite lovely. I used a vintage pattern from 1971 and I do love it. Before I took the photos I thought it fitted me perfectly, but looking at those bust darts, I’m not so sure. I think that the belt has pulled the dress up a bit.


I found a button to finish the back closure. I took this photo of it – it is the back side of a plain white button and it has green and pink speckles, but the colour has transmogrified into a completely different colour, as has the zip. Again, not visible to my naked eye is a smidge of the zip top, I will be unpicking tonight!


Unfortunately the pattern didn’t have pockets, and I chose not to insert them as the dress is rather form fitting and I figured I wouldn’t be able to get my hands in anyway. This hasn’t stopped me hunting for them though…


This dress has allowed me to tick two of my pledges – stashbusting and to make 5 vintage pieces this year. I am going to make this again, but I will lower the bust darts and perhaps allow a little more ease in the body. What’s the betting I make it too big??

The details:

Pattern is McCalls 2869 (1971) View A


Fabric is green coated linen from Potters Textiles



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