Bubbly silk

This is the Vogue 1247 top that accompanies the wonderful skirt that I’ve made several times. I felt anxious about this top – it is what attracted me to the pattern and then I read the endless reviews and just couldn’t bring myself to make it.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to make the size 6. I chose a wonderful drapey silk and cotton fabric from Tessuti, which is lightly shirred and bubbly.


This wasn’t the best choice in retrospect because the fabric cannot be pressed (ask me how I know!) and this pattern requires continuous and determined application of the iron, what with all the seams, darts and fancy bits. Anyway, I pushed on and here it is in all its unpressed glory – not too bad really.


I’m hoping that once it is laundered some of those wonky elements might sort themselves out. Interestingly, I did the darts about fifty times to eliminate the pointy bits, finally giving up, and when I wore it, they just smoothed out.

I look a bit rumpled here, but I’d been at work all day, which I think is a pretty good excuse!DSC07599

And finally one of me trying to show the top in action – er, this isn’t a common occurrence!


I’ll just mention that going on slides in heels is not the best of ideas – they came to a sticky sandy end at the bottom.

The details:

Pattern is Vogue 1247

Fabric is a silk/cotton blend from Tessuti

Pants are Vogue 8859 in pink cotton/elastine fabric


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  1. Gorgeous top Sue….but really…Wearing white in the playground??? What would your mother say about that!!! πŸ™‚

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