Pink pants

These pants are a reprise of the summer cream pants (Vogue 8859 again), but in a lovely pale pink slubby cotton/elastine. DSC07566

It was slightly cooler in Perth so I took the opportunity to slip on my new Hitofude Cardigan. I forgot to say before that hitofude means “a single brush stroke” as this cardigan is knitted from a single strand of yarn, which is never broken (obviously it runs out so has to be joined, but you get the idea). I am so bored with taking photos in my garden (no choices as I usually do it after work) and Mark agreed to come to the park with me to take a few snaps – joy! My remote control has died and I am struggling without it, so I was thrilled with the offer. Be prepared – there is more emphasis on the plants than on me – double joy! How is this for a tree? DSC07523

I was pleased that my Hitofude also goes with these pink pants, but I have found some pink silk in my yarn stash to make another one, which may tone even better.  DSC07518

And clearly in my excitement in being in the park I decided to flash the bushes – I have no idea why!


Roxie also was sufficiently excited to put up with being photographed with me DSC07544

I just remembered that this post is about the pink pants, so here’s the back view. I can totally recommend this pattern, it is quick to make up and is fairly economical in terms of fabric required.


Mark has also been busy – cooking the following amazing treats – I think this explains a lot about some of my photos! DSC07450DSC07506 The details: The details:

Pattern is Vogue 8859

Fabric is pink cotton/elastine from Knitwit

Top is the Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu knitted from “blue seaweed” – again!


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