Ivy knit top

I have been wanting to make this Stylearc top for some time but was concerned that it was going to be too big for me – I bought the size 10, which aligns to my measurements.


Well, I finally made it and guess what? It’s too big for me! Everywhere! This means that it doesn’t hang properly in the front and it makes me feel kind of swamped!


However, I still love the style, it’s still in fashion (unusual for me), and the stretch crepe that I made this top from is wonderful, so I thought I would remake the top. A couple of other views of the too big version (photos are grainy because I took them late at night):


First job was to unpick the neckband and sleeve cuffs. Of course my thread matched the fabric exactly, so this was a horrible job!

It’s obvious that the neckline is too large so I decided that, as the top is pretty plain, I would create a fold down the centre at both the front and back, taking in 4cm on each side. This is called detailing folks…

The sleeves were also too baggy so I did a little double pleat at the bottom and shortened each cuff by 4cm. The shoulders have come up a bit, so I didn’t worry about lifting the sleeves.

The top is now finished and  I even found a bit of sunshine to take the photos


Although it still looks a bit on the big side, it is comfortable to wear and I know that I will get a lot of use from it.


Please note the gorgeous necklace: Tom, Archie and Bridgette gave it to me for my birthday last month, with the comment that the standard of my presents has improved since Bridgette joined us! It is a little dancer with green high heeled boots and is from Paris.





Stylearc Ivy Knit top

Navy blue stretch crepe from Knitwit

James Jeans from Coco and Lola, Nedlands

Just to update you on my sewing machine bite (for the squeamish – look away now!). You might note that I have a large lumpy bandage on the end of my finger: when Mark removed the pieces of needle from my finger I noticed that they eye of the needle was missing. Both Mark and Archie swore up hill and down dale that it was not in my finger. I took my machine apart but could not find it. My Dad heard the kerfuffle and suggested I run a magnet over the finger. Guess what??


So, off to the doctor who cut my finger open but couldn’t find the needle. When I showed him the magnet “trick” he sent me for an x-ray. Hmm…

needles-2Yep, two pieces of needle.

The upshot is that I have had to have surgery to remove the needles, and typing these blogs is not easy. I am a very fast touch typist and find it almost impossible to type with one finger out of action.

Anyway, finger should now be on the mend and normal service will resume in a couple of weeks. I think that sewing is probably off the agenda for a few days, so I’ll be dragging out all the new things I’ve already made as I wear them – weather permitting. Stay tuned…


7 thoughts on “Ivy knit top

  1. Oh Sue how horrible, poor you. Good on your Dad though, I wouldn’t have thought of the magnet trick. Take care of yourself and don’t work too hard. “Hah” I hear you say!

  2. OMG, well, first that pattern certainly suits your body style, and secondly, yup, photo of magnet stuck on finger is *the* most incredible of the week. Hope you heal well and quickly!

  3. Ooh, your poor finger! That x-ray sent a shiver down my spine! I’m so glad you are on the mend 🙂 Your new top is cool. I really like the long drape at the back.

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