Cycle recycle

One of the things that makes me really happy about my kids is that they are prepared to recycle and upcycle, so when my son, Archie, brought this bike frame home from a verge throwout, we knew it had possibilities.


A paint job, a new seat, new wheels and pedals and this is what he turned it into


We have obviously gone backwards in cycle technology – it has no gears and backpedal brakes; and this is very trendy – go figure… It also has Sheoak handlebars! He tells me that it is just for leisurely rides to the beach for his morning dip – I don’t think it will win any marathons, but it does look pretty cool.


Nearly finished. I am averaging close to 24,000 steps a day, which was my ultimate goal. I am looking forward to getting rid of the little lump under my clothes!


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