Weekend and other stuff.

So… I was checking my messages on the blog and found one from “girlycamping”. When I had a look at her blog I see that last weekend was “International Glamping Weekend” – who knew?? How trendy are we? See For the Girly Girls…., and I love the image of glamping for girls! There is an official website dedicated to International Glamping Weekend, and here is an image available for posting to websites. I might have to add this to my site.


I thought I would post a few pics of Bridgette and Tom cooking breakfast – they made pancakes – absolutely beautiful.DSC03561-1




I was fascinated by the machine moving trees around like twigs:



I think I need one of these at home to move my stash!

Because we went glamping, I wasn’t able to do any sewing, so not a lot to report here. My friend T, however, dropped a 50l box of leather on my front verandah for me to select a few pieces from. Oh my giddy aunt – how do I choose?! She has some whole hides in there, some lovely pieces of leather, and lots of bits. DSC03590-1

I carefully pulled out some pieces that I thought she wouldn’t miss too much.


I am thinking a collar, some trim and perhaps a pocket or two (not all at once!). I need to check whether it will wash ok, before I plant it on a garment though.


My GCC is going ok:

Saturday’s steps: 20,441 (better)

Sunday’s steps: 22,678 (not too bad)

Average: 22,921 (holding above the 20,000 I’m aiming for)

Today I won a trophy for walking 250,000 steps. My first for this year (listen, if you win as little as I do, you take credit for everything!):



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