Are we there yet?

By my reckoning we are half-way through MMM and there are things that I haven’t worn yet, so I’m still feeling ok. Today I wore four handmades – the O-Ring necklace handknitted from a pattern and yarn by Dairing, Melbourne, the Elle pants by StyleArc, machine knitted socks, and a top previously unseen – designed by me and machine knitted.


When I say designed by me – very complex design, 2 x 2 rectangles – front and back and two sleeves, hehe! What really interesting about this top is the fabric. There are two yarns plated together. This makes the outside and the inside quite different.


The advantage of this is that it highlights the natural curl of the fabric – the neck is visible in the top right hand corner and it does become a bit of a feature.

I knitted this about two years ago and have worn it once! Not sure why now. I’m sure that I will wear it a few times this year.

Righto fans (!) I have things to make for tomorrow, so no time for blogging tonight; all will be revealed in the fullness of time…


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