Me-Made-May ’13

I was quite excited to start this challenge, and managed to wear (almost) head to toe handmade.ย ImageImage

Excuse the location – I had to take the photos at work! I have on the Elle pants and Susan top (modified to make the neck higher and the top longer). I also have on a rectangle with two armholes – the pattern for which I paid $15 at the Cottesloe Fair. I need to make it 30 times to get value for money! All the fabric came from Potter’s Textiles and it was all from the half-price remnant table – score!

I bought the pin from a fancy schmancy antique button store in The Rocks, Sydney, thinking (I’m sure I was told) that it was horn. I think it’s plastic – totally ripped off, but I still like it. I turned it into a pin by gluing an old nametag magnet onto the back. I’ve done this a few times to objects and it is really successful – no holes in the fabric.


Not sure if I’ll manage anything handmade for day 2 of the challenge, but I might find something appropriate.

Patterns: Stylearc – Elle Pants, Susan Top. Wrap is a rectangle with two holes for arms.

Fabric: Potter’s Textiles. Cotton and lycra for pants, cotton jersey for long-sleeve t-shirt and lining of wrap, cotton knit for wrap.

Pin: button from “Buttons, Buttons, Buttons” The Rocks, Sydney


5 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13

  1. Well done – being part of Me Made May is such a challenge and I wish you good luck with the project – and blogging! I will be following your endeavours and hope we can meet for that coffee one day ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Lene! It’s quite interesting, the whole blogging thing. The hardest part is thinking up a good title, and I always manage this after the event!

      1. You are really inspiring me. I started a blog last year, but never made many entries. Perhaps it is time I follow you example and get that thing up and running again.

      2. Hi Lene, I’m now one of your followers, I really enjoyed reading your blog and hope you do keep it going. I am such a novice at it, that I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to sustain it – we’ll see!

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