Cute cats

Tom’s girlfriend, Bridgette, told me that he needed new pyjamas. No need to tell me THAT twice! I hied off to Spotlight and found some cute fleece with black and white cats reminiscent of Felix, so I had to have it. Got it home and made it up while I waited for dinner to be served (ahem!). Image

Mark liked them so much that he has put in an order for some for us. Joy!!

[later edit] This is of course my much loved Vogue 8800 pattern. Losing track of how often I have made this now!

Archie has also now put in an order – but instructed me to leave off the cats…


3 thoughts on “Cute cats

  1. “Ran them up while waiting for dinner”! I am so jealous – and of the sewing skill/speed not the dinner.

  2. They are so cute – I’m excited for him to get home from work to see them! Felix is curled up on top of them at the moment, he clearly approves!

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