Antique sewing and knitting machines, Circular sock machine, Machine knitting

Some circular sock success!

Quite nice alliteration in the title, which makes me happy. Thanks to Wendy from Corramook Cranky Socks and Karen from CSMLove, I feel mastery of my vintage Imperia circular sock machine is within my grasp. Low level mastery – I’m not getting ahead of myself here! I think a big difference was made when (coach) […]

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Antique sewing and knitting machines, Circular sock machine

(Mis)Adventures with the Circular Sock Machine

Following on from my last post, I’ve been up to my elbows in the Circular Sock Machine (CSM) and have had much more success with it this time around, thanks to my “coach” Wendy, and to an amazing woman called Karen Ramel who has a website called Karen has videos on pretty much every […]

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Machine knitting

Circular sock machine revisited

About fifteen years ago I expressed an interest in circular sock machines (CSMs) and Mark informed me that we had one under the stairs. What?! Apparently when my parents moved from a very large house with lots of outbuildings to a much smaller house, we got all the things my mother couldn’t throw away or […]

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