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One Year One Outfit outer wear

I made two lots of things for my one-year-one-outfit effort in 2016, and I think they are worth two posts. So post one was about my dress, and this post is about my outer wear, which consists of a coat and a bag. This jacket did not have a good start to life. I made it from […]

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Nuno felted tunic

I have always wanted to try nuno felting, which is a method of bonding a loose fibre, usually wool, into sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating  beautiful soft and lightweight felt. I did a course at Fibreswest with Nancy Ballesteros, where we learned all the techniques of laying out silk hankies, silk gauze and wool […]

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My first three-dimensional felting experience

I spent the weekend doing a bag felting course at Feltwest with Meggipeg, and we had such a great time. I’ve never done 3D felting before and it was a bit of a revelation – even though I’ve read about it, there’s a lot to be said for experiencing it. I now have a bag for […]

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More adventures in felting

I have previously blogged the boots  that I made for Mark and alluded to the fact that I had made some for myself for the One Year One Outfit challenge. They look rather Rastafarian with those felty fringes, but I really like them. They are knitted, then the fringes woven in with a crochet hook. […]

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Felting adventures

Having had a lesson in felting from Thelma, I offered to help Megan from meggipeg get started with her felting for the One Year One Outfit challenge. Megan had practiced felting her dog’s fur, and I had copious notes from my lesson, so it was a case of combining our mutual inexperience and having a […]

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