Brindille & Twig Ringer Tees

Little Miss G loves cats, which she calls Meow Meows (she thinks this is the name of her own cat too, whose real name is Felix), so I thought I’d make her a tee shirt with a cat on it. Then she said she wanted a purple pig (another obsession), so I made that first.

I used the Ringer Tee, an excellent free pattern from Brindille & Twig, which I’ve made a few times before, except I had to print out a new size as Miss G is getting bigger.

This is such a simple pattern, taking about half an hour to make. The hardest thing is choosing the band colour!

I had already made this tee in preparation for a cat, but my design didn’t work, so used it for the pig. This is a Cricut design and I had some problems with cutting out, due I think to my mat not being sticky enough: you can see a slightly wonky ear.

Anyway, I got it finished, added a Made by Granny label which I bought from Miss Rosy Cheeks at the Alexander Palace Knitting and Stitching Show in London last year.

Here it is worn, delightfully covered in watermelon juice!

A couple of action shots with a bag purloined from her grandmother! I want to reduce the strap length but she’s having none of it.

I decided it was a bit long, so made the meow meow version, eliminating the band and taking 4cms off the length.

I used the free tee shirt ruler from Jennifer Maker. These are so helpful, come in a range of sizes and there’s even a v-necked version. Once again I cut the cat using my Cricut Maker 3, but then found a cat in a heart so added that to the sleeve.

I didn’t put a label on this one, except a size label in the neck. I just cover stitched the hem and this one is a perfect length. Isn’t that little cat too cute?

Then her Mum asked me if I could make some dummy clips. She has a bought one, which she’s very attached to and it was felt that she needed others in case the original got lost. I chose a variety of fabrics and colours, and even hand appliquΓ©d a little felt cat on one. She’s really only supposed to have a dummy to help her sleep but she does seem to squirrel that original one into pockets.

The one on the right in the left hand photo is made from a silk tie belonging to Mark. I thought she’d love it as it’s covered in cats. However, she doesn’t like any of them! Not sure how this is going to be managed!

Whilst I sewed she played with my rulers. I have created a monster though as she goes to the drawer and pulls out pink Cricut vinyl and asks for pigs and meow meows! Not sure how many tee shirts she needs right now!


3 thoughts on “Brindille & Twig Ringer Tees

  1. These are cute. Making clothes for littlies is always fun. My bilingual 20mth GD loves cats too. Conveniently, in mandarin ‘cat’ is māo (猫), said just like the cat sound 🀣

      1. I’m glad you knew what it was, I couldn’t remember for sure, but it didn’t quite bug me enough to look it up before I posted 🀣🀣
        Onomatopoeia are not uncommon in mandarin – makes them easy to remember in my Duo lessons 😁

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