Indigo dyed Quilla

When I cut out the Fibremood Quilla from the gorgeous silk damask tablecloth, I also cut one from a vintage cotton damask tablecloth and the two couldn’t be more different.

I cut out the pieces and then played with shibori stitching. I did folds and a pattern of stitching (to be honest, I’ve forgotten what I did now!) on the front and back and a grid of straight lines on folds horizontally and vertically on the two gathered sides.

I also had a play with the facings. This stitching dyeing was done early in the piece and the facings highlight the fact that I didn’t use buffers on the leaves on the back facing – see how they don’t go to a point? I did better with the front and this is the very first wren I stitched. I just went around the shape to get it like this.

I’ve amended this post to show you how one of the pieces look – I think this might be a side but I can’t be sure. Also how they look when they come out of the vat – the green piece is before the indigo has oxidised and the long piece is a facing. It’s so fascinating.

the problem with all this stitching is that I’m going to be spending the rest of my life picking out stitches. Can you see all the bits of thread in the photo below? This photo was taken after I had worn the top all day. I’ve found more since I took this photo.

And here it is worn. The back shibori looks a bit untidy – I didn’t really know what I was doing! I teamed the top with my Stokx Patterns Stokx Rock skirt made from recycled jeans – I know that rock means skirt in German so I’m aware of the tautology every time I write this!

Because I had cut this out before sewing the first Quilla, I didn’t make it longer, but it will be good worn with all of my high waisted things. I do love the checked sides and this is a technique I will probably replicate.

I do think that I can shorten the elastic in the sides even more – I have already removed 3cms from it.

I found a warm day to take photos and had plans to style the top with other elements from my wardrobe, but the weather has been against me.

Finally I thought you’d like to see how Miss G almost disappears into the toy box looking for that special toy.


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