Bryer Skirt

The Bryer Skirt, from the zero waste designer Liz Haywood, was bought whilst I was at the Fibres West residential conference; whilst I was in bed in fact. I therefore couldn’t make it immediately, but luckily I acquired fabric at the garage sale whilst I was there and decided to make my first iteration from a piece of vintage pincord that I have since found out was donated by Martien, our wonderful convener.

The skirt is described as follows: “A skirt for all seasons, the Bryer Skirt is a zero waste pattern that comes in 20sizes, to fit an 86cm/34″ hips to a 183cm/72″.It has an A‐line‐ish shape with plenty of leg room; enough to get into a high‐lift ute or ride a bicycle. There are two generous in‐seam pockets which form part of the skirt’s closure.This skirt comes in two lengths, 53cm/20¾” and 74cm/29″, and the length can be changed without affecting zero waste. The waistband has an option for back adjustable elastic.

The shape is interesting. The hem is drawn in by darts at the bottom.

I chose a size C based on my waist measurement but it’s a little big and I have had to move the waist buttons, so I might try a B next time.

I wore it for the first time when I went out for a coffee with a friend. Here it is in the wild with a raincoat over it.

I am wearing it with boots as my pointy ankles look, well, pointy under it. I might show them at some point but I’m not ready yet.

I teamed the skirt with my machine knitted, self drafted jumper. The variegated wool created this Scottish flag effect all by itself. It pleases me immensely.

This is a zero waste pattern, but when making it from corduroy I had to consider nap, so mine is minimal waste. I had a couple of small pieces left over, which, upon reflection I could have sewn to some scrap fabric to make the pockets. The fabric was narrow so the skirt basically took up the whole width, which was handy.

I like this skirt so much that I wore it two days in a row, which is most unlike me. The second time I teamed it with my Knitwit pattern skivvy and Tunisian crochet jacket. I wore it out for lunch with friends and felt comfortable and well put together.

I am already considering a short version, perhaps from linen or a heavy cotton for summer. I like the shape and the fastening method is really nice. There is an elastic back version, which has a lot of appeal in terms of fit.

This pattern currently has 25% off, so get it whilst it’s extremely reasonably priced.

Finally, Miss G is turning two and we’ve had a birthday party and, of course, presents. Her Mum and Dad bought her this car (secondhand) and she’s obsessed – Now to be known as Lady Penelope, although it’s not quite a pink Rolls Royce. I think I’ve mentioned before that the girl loves a car, and her driving skills seem very advanced!

More importantly, so is Daisy the sock monkey, she loved being in control.

Although I do note a slight look of terror when Miss G took over – driving Miss Daisy took on a whole new meaning!

Daisy was not allowed to be offloaded at my house so now appears to have taken up residence with Miss G. I miss her, so a sibling is being planned.

You’ll note that the car had “Land Rover” number plates, but Tom asked me to make some personalised ones. I accepted and here is the result, made on the Cricut of course. The front is the same – G-baby is what her Dad calls her. Miss G is sharing the car with a cousin.

I’m going to fix the name across the front next.


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