Pattern Union Felix blanket jacket

I’ve had a bit of a yearning for a red jacket and just happen to have a piece of red blanket, bought at the FibresWest garage sale last year. I’ve already made a body warmer from the blanket but still have enough left for a skirt or some other small garment.

I cut out the jacket and then decided I wanted a front zip and a collar. The Felix has curves on the top and bottom of the front panels so I had to work around these. I also chose to line the jacket with some vintage red silk I inherited from my mother.

The jacket came together pretty well, although lining up the collar gave me some grief. I guess I’m not that good at drafting collars! I found an open ended zip approximately the correct length but it was recycled and a bit grubby so I had to pick all the stitches out and wash it.

I think it worked out pretty well. I used steam and a clapper to try and get all the seams to sit flat. There was a lot of spanking going on!

I’ve made this pattern so many times I think I could do it in my sleep. I really wanted this jacket to go with my tartan Clair skirt, and am thrilled that it’s the perfect length.

I’m hopeful that this jacket will coordinate with lots of things in my wardrobe, but in the meantime I’m rather pleased to have used a bit more wool blanket.


10 thoughts on “Pattern Union Felix blanket jacket

  1. The red jacket and skirt make an attractive, warm looking outfit. I can see why you would make that jacket pattern again and again. It looks like just the thing for a lot of settings.

  2. I wish Sarah were still putting out patterns–although I understand why she stopped. They are perfect little jewels.

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