Fibremood Rhonda blouse

I’ve participated in another Fibremood Link Party and chose to make this lovely blouse – Rhonda. I really like the style lines and feel that it’s sufficiently different to be a useful addition to my wardrobe. I also love anything buttoned down the back!

These line drawings from the pattern show the longer front and back with shorter side panels. The sleeves are set in, which makes me happy. Lots of topstitching potential too.

I found some embroidered cotton lawn in my stash, which had been given to me, by my sister, I think. It had already had something cut out of it, but I had just enough left to squeeze out this top. What I finished up with is a dreamy top that I find quite romantic.

I teamed it with my Liz Haywood zero waste Clair skirt and wore it to the beach where I was meeting a friend for coffee. I got a bit blown around, but I rather like these photos.

I knew that the top was cropped so am trying to find high waisted things to wear it with. I thought the skirt was suitably high waisted, but notice a fair bit of skin showing in some of my photos!

It was pretty blowy too, which created some movement in my photos.

As I mentioned, I’m a sucker for button backed things, and wanted to find the perfect buttons. The best I could find in my stash was mother of pearl type ones, so I decided to make covered buttons and am really pleased with how they turned out.

I thought that it would look nice with my Pattern Union Hannah culottes and managed to get some photos before the rain arrived back.

I’ve managed to wear this top three times already, including with some black high waisted trousers I made in the 1990s and which are still going strong. I fully lined them, which makes me impressed with past Sue.

This pattern is beautifully drafted. It came together brilliantly and I love some of the details, especially the mitred corners. I used the “nailed it” label as it reflected exactly what I felt.

I said at the beginning that I have already worn this top three times, but I wore it today, this time paired with a Capital Chic Patterns Champagne Skirt, which was hard to find online, but trust me, it’s a lovely skirt. I had lunch with two sewing friends near the beach so took the opportunity to grab a couple of extra photos, and you’re getting them all!

This pattern has so much potential – I’m planning a winter one, and at least another summer one from some silk I’ve got in my stash.

Don’t forget to check out the Fibremood Special Edition #1, it has 13 new patterns and I had a really hard time choosing this one.


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  1. I absolutely adore the blouse and goes so well with the zero waste skirt. Is that book on Amazon. The culottes are so cute too. And I have to say I. Quite impress with the black pants and that you still fit in them, I wish I still fit in 1990’s pants.

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