A Hobart holiday and new knitted top

A few years ago I bought this sweater knit at Knitwit Fabrics with the intention of making myself a jumper. Then I just couldn’t get around to doing it. This year I have been trying to use all my bulky fabrics to make some empty shelves in the stash, so this got added to the make pile. I reverted to my favourite Pattern Union Cora blouse, with almost no changes. I did add a band to the sleeves, which I pleated, and also to the hem as I always feel that knitted fabric can stretch out at the hems. Well it does when I sew it! I also halved the depth of the collar, I really like it this wide.

Even with the hem band I feel the bottom is a little baggy so may thread some elastic through it at some point.

You can see a little leather tag. I found this on a Manzoni bag I bought Mark at least ten years ago, and which he had never removed. I removed it but decided to repurpose it as a tag on my jumper.

I attached it with a stud rivet so that it can be taken off for washing and it’s also easy to move it if the urge takes me.

I’m exceedingly pleased with this tiny bit of recycling!

There’s not a huge amount else to say about this top, except that it’s wool and quite warm. It’s been a perfect top to wear on my holiday to Tasmania. Here are some shots of it in action.

With my favourite accessory, whose outfit I also made, and with a couple of much loved things – daffodils and a good fountain. This is behind the Salamanca markets, where we were taken on a toddler-led walk. I’m wearing wool ponte (also from Knitwit) Jalie pull on jeans, a Burberry style knitted cowl and Sarah (Pattern Union) drafted raincoat. The shoes, by the way, are the ones that fell apart on our last trip to Hobart and which have now been very successfully siliconed back together.

I wore the top to the airport to say goodbye to Archie as he went home early. I was feeling a tad emotional, which is silly as we will be reunited in a couple of days.

The top definitely needs pulling in at the bottom.

I haven’t taken many photos on this trip, but here is a photo of me, at the top of the Shot Tower, which I have climbed before, but still feel the same terror, heightened by having Miss G up there. Archie captured me trying to disguise the fear!

The Shot Tower is a heritage listed building just out of Hobart. It is believed to be the tallest circular sandstone tower in the world at 58.7 metres (192.6 ft) high, and the views are spectacular (I only caught glimpses!) These are some photos and a video that Archie took.

We are coming to the end of our sojourn in Hobart. We came for a big birthday of mine, (three score and ten, eek!), and the family treated me to a fabulous lunch at the MONA. If you haven’t heard of the MONA, it’s the Museum of Old and New Art, and it is full of weird art (the strangest you will see), amazement and even some cool things. It’s really the building which is rather sensational. I remember the first time I saw the structure, when it was being built, and I couldn’t understand what it was at all. Located just up the river from Hobart, it consists of some amazing subterranean architecture, much of which is steel and which showcases the highlights (and lowlights) of its owner’s $110m private collection of art and antiquities. MONA is also an exhibition centre, home to a winery, Source Restaurant (where we had my birthday lunch), bars, cafe, accommodation pavilions and more (plus Moo Brew, an off-site brewery). It’s the most amazing place and I know that people visit Hobart especially to see it. I’ve been many times and there are always new things to see, and be offended by! 😂

It was raining, but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. The truck on a trailer is made by using a CNC (computer numerically controlled), cut on a water jet (perhaps, or a laser), and assembled like a big meccano set. This is according to my son. Whatever, it’s pretty amazing. As is the slide in the children’s playground. If it hadn’t been raining I would have definitely had a play on it! The middle photo shows the outstanding views up and down the river. It is a most sensational setting.

Inside is as superb as the outside.

This mural of small painting are by Sydney Nolan and the bright pictures form a snake. It takes up two huge walls. I’m sure I saw this at the Sydney Opera House 30 plus years ago.

A couple of bonus shots of Miss G in Salamanca Place, near where we were staying. She had a lovely time playing with a seed from a tree, and she’s definitely interested in learning to play chess!


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