Fibremood Sean the 4th

This is the fourth Fibremood Sean I’ve made for Mark and it won’t be the last, as I really, really, like this pattern. Here are the line drawings.

I used some wool knit from Knitwit Fabrics as it’s been in my stash for a few years, taking up a lot of room. It has a separating zipper and I refused to buy one the correct length and the only one suitable in my stash was too long. I recently published a photo on Instagram of me picking the teeth off to shorten it. Worked a treat.

Since making this jacket, Mark has rarely taken it off. It is warm and comfortable and he really likes it.

I couldn’t really get him to pose in it, so I caught him in typical kitchen action whilst he was picking out what he was going to make me for dinner. See? He deserves that jacket! I do need to add that I had asked him to try it on for fit and it didn’t come off for the day, so it’s shown here with the hem band unpressed.

He’s wearing it with the Fibremood Owen trousers. They don’t really go, but he doesn’t care.

These photos were taken after the final press so you can see the details. Mark has found that the pockets and front facings flap about, so I have partially machine sewn the pockets to the front. It’s a look that I don’t mind. The stitching also holds the facings in place.

I went back to the other three jackets and did the same thing.

My pattern matching is pretty jolly good, if I say so myself, and even the pockets match inside, although I slightly missed with one shoulder piece and didn’t notice until I’d sewn the sleeve in. I haven’t unpicked it…

Not much of a treat today, I struggle to find anonymous photos of Miss G as she swivels to the camera, but here we are walking in the rain. Heidi enjoyed it…


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