Making for babies: Episode 9

In the last little while I’ve made a few things for the babies in my life – it’s so exciting to use the plural!

I’ve made two of the little felt toys from A Sewing Life , both of which are completely hand sewn. First up is Gladys Duck. Gladys is a very lovely little duck and a very easy and fun sew. I posed her around our bush block. She enjoyed becoming acquainted with the frogs (currently three species are being vocal), having a float around the dam, although she did swoon in ecstasy at being on the water, and hanging around in the flowers; I thought she looked particularly fine next to this beautiful banksia.

Joining Gladys is Tilly The Field Mouse, also from A Sewing Life. Tilly is also completely hand made and is a proper princess. It was cold and wet the day I made her, so she’s hanging out in the new kitchen in my new sewing studio. Tilly is delightful with her tutu and crown, and those lovely ballet shoes.

I had such fun making these two and they are now hanging out on the piano with some of the other stuffed toys. It’s getting pretty crowded! The blue Luna Lapin was a gift from Julie @Bayhaus7023, when I caught up with her in Hobart, isn’t it adorable?

I’ve been making a few things for our new grandson (Little L). We are visiting him in September and I want to take a few outfits.

I made a top from a man’s jumper I had already recycled into one for me, but which I no longer wore.

There was a moth hole which I covered with this little hedgehog patch (thank you to @whendy7 for helping me identify the creatures!).

The pattern is from the Kwik-Sew Sewing for Baby book that I bought for $1 in an op shop. It’s full of fabulous patterns!

I also drafted some matching mittens and lined them with flannelette. I even managed to remember to put a loop on them so they can be attached to things.

The jumper needed some trousers and I wanted to try the Puperita Little Star Pants. It makes a cute set.

I used some recycled denim from a pair of jeans in my stash. The pattern has lovely pockets, but I decided against putting on the front ones. I used the jumper hem band as the waist band, which I really like, and lined them with a cute flannelette, which was donated to my stash.

I did put the pockets on the back. I used a scrap of fabric from something I had made for Miss G.

You can see the fact that the pocket is recycled. They are fabulous pockets!

I love that these little trousers basically cost nothing, all recycled, scraps or donated fabric.

I also made another pair, from donated cotton and lined with cute dog flannelette.

Both pairs are theoretically reversible, but I suspect they won’t be.

I also made Miss G a pair of trousers – these came from an Ottobre magazine (4/2015) lent to me by Katherine (Sew Blooms). They are the Baggy Bottom Sweatpants. I forgot to take any photos when I made them, but here is Miss G wearing them. I used scraps of blanket for the knees. She can be seen wearing these in my previous two posts, if you want to see them in action.

I also made Miss G a little two piece outfit – a two piece setacular! My sister gave me the knit fabric and the matching ribbing when she destashed her sewing room. This set came from Ottobre 1/2007, also lent to me by Katherine. I now put the sizes in the back neck as even I can’t remember what size all these makes are after a while!

I used very cute flower snaps on the neck which were given to me by Jenny (@JoeandRoxy).

And because you’ve been good and got to the end, here is your special treat, a game of peeka boo.


8 thoughts on “Making for babies: Episode 9

  1. Gladys & Tilly are delightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the video of the two youngsters playing peek-a-boo! 😉
    I am now dying to see your new sewing studio. (Did I miss a post?) Your place in the Bush looks beautiful from the bits and bob’s that I see. (Such a tease!)
    It’s great to see you enjoying your littles!

    1. Thank you so much! The sewing studio is basically a very fancy shed at our holiday place. I will have to share it with other family members and their creative endeavours, but it will be nice to be warm in the winter whilst I sew! Our granddaughter is nearly a year old and she is such fun!

  2. Gorgeous makes! You have been very busy, and no wonder with such special motivation.
    Excited to hear that there are now 3 species of frogs in that delightful pond. Wattle is looking glorious too.

    1. Thank you Sofia, I look forward to catching up and boring you silly! We now have Moaning, Motorbike and Ticking frogs! The wattles have been lovely.

  3. You’ve been very productive making all the things for your newest family members. I especially like the jumper waistband and the fun pockets on the jeans.

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