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As you might imagine the baby makes continue apace. I’ve focused mostly on soft toys as I feel they are more appealing to the mothers and they probably last longer (I still have toys my Mum made for my children).

However, I have made a couple of outfits, so I’ll document them first. I made an outfit from a pattern and fabric that came from Bridgette’s grandmother. The pattern is Simplicity 9531 and the fabric is a very cute floral print.

The top is self lined (although it could be lined with a contrasting fabric, which would be cute). The fabric is probably from the 1960s. It was narrow and had some fragile sections, a bit of foxing and a couple of holes. I put a pocket over one of the holes, then discovered another one just below it. I considered just a patch, but decided to put a label over it. I tried it on Miss G and thought it was a bit small, so took it apart and reduced the seam allowance. I secured the back with two small green buttons.

I also made the Brindile and Twig Breezy romper. I made two – one for Miss G and one for the new baby, yet to be born. I used some very cute knit from Spotlight.

Then came the toys! Quite a procession! First up was Simon the Sheep. Made from Kerry Lord’s book Edward’s Menagerie and I used cotton/silk yarn. He’s stuffed with eucalyptus fibre. I have tried stuffing with tiny scraps, but I want the toys to be squishy.

The “wool” was added afterwards.

then I began knitting toys from Susan B Anderson’s book “Topsy Turvy”. Both of the above books were recommended to me by Jenny, a follower and now a friend.

I had already made the dog in the kennel, blogged here, and I really wanted to make the pigs in a blanket. These are fiddly to make but rather cute.

Out of the same book I made the Flower Fairy in a Tulip. This is a quick make and is a good opportunity to use lots of different coloured wool.

My first one used pink wool for the tulip and the second one used multi-coloured wool. The fairies themselves have some slightly different coloured wools, and the wings on the second one are made from 12 strands of embroidery floss. I’m very taken with these fairies and plan to make a finagle of fairies (I had to look that up – who knew the collective noun for fairies was finagle or fib?!)

The little ring on the end of the green twig attached the the tulip is perfect for carrying by a small person.

My next make was the Egg to Alligator. We don’t have alligators, so mine is a crocodile! Here it is in its various stages of hatching.

too cute? I should say so!

I think that’s enough for now, but I do have a few more planned.


14 thoughts on “More baby makes

  1. Simon the sheep wins my heart! I love the added wool. Very creative! About the vintage fabric you used for the baby set, you said there was a bit of foxing… I wonder what foxing mean here?

    1. Simon has won everyone’s heart. Foxing is caused by oxidisation and looks like little brown spots. If left it can eat into the fabric and cause little holes.

  2. So beautiful – your such a great Grandma. Jody’s daughter has just had a baby boy. Babies are so special!

  3. I’m glad you’ve had the chance to make these for your lovely granddaughter (particularly the crocodile, though the sheep has such lovely ridges on it so it’s a close second). They’re such fun. I recently got “ 20 toys to make” – all mini knits – bySachiyo Ishii. The publisher is Search Press. You might like it. They’re very sweet and it’s not an expensive book. Happy making. Trish S

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