The Assembly Line pyjamas

My friend Katherine, from Sewblooms, alerted me to this free pattern from The Assembly Line and I’m so pleased she did. I printed it out straight away and then got a bit distracted, but in the last two days I have made two sets.

My first pair is made from some lovely, fine, block printed fabric I bought at Woven Stories Textiles. I didn’t quite have enough fabric so made the top a little shorter and didn’t bother with pattern matching at all. I wasn’t sure what size to make, but wanted them to be roomy so went with a medium. They were pretty baggy, especially the shorts.

Case in point, check out all the excess fabric at the back!

I found that the neckline was too big and really bothered me, so I set about fixing it. I decided that the simplest way was to put in a pair of tucks at centre front and back, which reduced the measurement by 4cms on each side.

This simple fix made all the difference. I couldn’t do much about the shorts, but they were comfortable enough so I wasn’t bothered by their bagginess.

I’ve been enjoying my Kylie and the Machine Advent calendar labels and managed to use a couple in this make.

I thought the dream it label was most appropriate for pyjamas, and it also slots nicely into the Magamsewalong Dreaming December theme on Instagram.

I had no sooner finished than I was burrowing in the stash looking for another piece of fabric big enough to make another pair. I came up with a thrifted H&M tablecloth. I can’t imagine it on a table, and after I bought it I couldn’t imagine what I was going to make from it, but here I was, unpicking the hems and pressing out the creases. The pattern fitted on easily and I really like the way the pyjamas turned out.

he Assem

I went down a size in the top and two sizes in the shorts and yet they still look big. However, the comfort factor is excellent.

I used the KATM labels again. For this one, on a whim, I added a little breast pocket so that I could use the Eat Sleep SEW label. I’ve decided that in seam labels can annoy me, so I plan to use them on pockets. I’m quite pleased with the way I managed to pattern match the pocket. The other two labels denote the back of the garments.

I’m so pleased with these two makes; they are perfect for lolling about it at the end of the day, and I’m wearing the block printed ones as I write this, they make me so happy. If someone comes to the door I feel slightly more respectable than I would in a bathrobe.


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  1. Despite the sizing issue on the first set, both are beautiful PJs. Jewels of colour to sleep, or be casual in, my favourite is the red set 💕

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