Fibremood Sean Jacket

It’s almost the last day of May and I’m just squeaking it in for Maybe Menswear for Magamsewalong over on Instagram, as well as My Makes for the Month, also on Instagram. As the title suggests I’ve made a Fibremood Sean jacket for Mark, to replace one that he managed to lose somewhere (this is not an uncommon occurrence!)

I had this thick wool knit from Knitwit here in Perth in my stash and I thought it would be perfect for this pattern. There are some lovely style lines – I like the seams in the front with the pockets in, and the shoulders are nice too.

The neckband, cuffs and hem band are in the same fabric as the rest of the jacket, but they could easily be substituted with ribbing, which I might do for the next one. I think I will be making another one!

It has to be said that the jacket is not quite finished in these photos. I asked Mark to try it on to test for fit and I haven’t got it back from him! I am going to have to squirrel it back into my sewing room just to tidy up a few things.

It was a lovely, straightforward make, with the only problem being that I didn’t have an open ended zip that was exactly the right length. I could have ducked up the road and bought one, but I’m using what I’ve got, so I set about shortening it, which involved pulling teeth and moving the stops. Sounds painful, but isn’t really!

And that was basically it, except for the pattern matching of course! I give myself 9/10 for this, or at least I will when I’ve sorted out the zip – I must have left a couple of extra teeth on one side resulting in the top of the jacket not being quite level, but it’s an easy fix.

The back view. I made it one size bigger to accommodate a jumper in the cold weather but he claims it’s too warm to wear a jumper underneath!

I was a bit aware that the colours are rather dull so went hunting for something gaudy to line the pockets and came up with … purple! This is some thickish raw silk that I bought in Stockholm in 2014. It’s beautiful quality and nice on the hands.

I did have one other blip, which I’m still considering. I left in the black stripe that ran down the selvedge, thinking it was quite nice. However, it was only on one of the selvedges which means that only one side of the jacket has the black stripe. It bothered me at first, but as Mark has worn the jacket I’ve stopped noticing and it was only as I looked at these photos that I remembered. I wonder how many of you noticed immediately?

I was going to take better photos for this post, but we’ve been busy and I just haven’t managed it, so this is what you get – jacket thrown on with whatever he was wearing at the time and a wonky cap!

I would really like to make him a lined one in some sort of sweatshirt fabric. I’m going to have to explore my stash and see what I’ve got. I usually put zips in his pockets, but he doesn’t think this jacket needs them as the pockets are pretty deep. I might let him wear it for a while so we can work out what he might like changed.


19 thoughts on “Fibremood Sean Jacket

  1. I didn’t notice the selvedge, but now I look at it I quite like that it is only emphasizing one side. Love those purple pockets too, nice luxe touch.

    1. Thank you so much Jo! My view is that the selvedge is quite nice and I like the asymmetric look. I also love the purple pockets, as does my husband!

  2. The selvedge looks like part of the zipper. Don’t worry about it. Fabulous job here. I would love to see that pattern made up in black windbreaker material. Sounds silly, but I think it would look very “James Bond” LOL.

  3. Wow! 👍 What an attractive jacket. I love the fact that Mark really seems to appreciate the things you make for him. I’ve always wondered, after seeing tools for fixing/altering zippers, how hard it is.

  4. The jacket has a great appearance, and looks incredibly versatile and comfortable. I love the pocket color peeking out. The plaid is attractively coordinated in all of the pieces, imo.

  5. The perfect jacket and no-one will notice the selvedge as it looks perfect as it is. Those purple pockets sounds lovely and add a great pop of colour.

  6. This is a fabulous pattern which you realised beautifully, Sue. I had to look for the black selvage. The purple lining is luxurious.

  7. The jacket looks great. I love the purple lining and I didn’t notice the selvage. But it is okay and I like it.

  8. its a win win win situation making clothes for someone else… you get to use up some of your stash….you are not adding to your own already full wardrobe…. its a virtuous reason to start a new project.

  9. Looks great on Mark and he is looking so relaxed and happy – great model my friendxxx

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