First Gyo top – drama from start to finish!

In some sort of mental whiteout I bought the Merchant and Mills The Gyo top pattern, even though I didn’t think it was really my style. I had a small remnant in mind to make it with, and thought it might look cute.

I bought the fabric online, which I rarely do, obviously for good reason. This piece had a seam sewn in it, beautifully done and pattern matched, and white streaks where the fabric had wrinkled going through the printing process. I had clearly bought the end of the roll.

So, I had a pattern that I was very uncertain about, and fabric with disappointing problems. Onwards! I said to myself.

I selected my size and got pinning. The pattern is designed to be cut from flat, not folded, fabric, and It’s at this point that I noticed that the two facing pieces were to be placed wrong side up on the fabric. I had to play pattern Tetris to get the pieces on my very small piece of fabric and I was really pleased that all the fabric faults were under the facing pattern pieces. I cut it out and put it aside to sew the next day.

In the middle of the night I woke up and had the thought that one of those facing pieces was cut right side up. When I got up the next morning, the first thing I did was look, and yep, my subconscious had not let me down, I had an inside out facing. This led me to think about why the pattern would be printed WSU? There must be a good reason.

I set to replacing the facing, just managing to eke it out of the leftover piece. Guess what? I now had two incorrect facings! I had picked up the wrong pattern piece. Not sure how I made such a fundamental error – just human I guess.

I finally managed to cobble together the top and put it on, only to find that it was super tight!

I rushed back to the pattern envelope and checked. I had chosen my size based on my bust size, and it was only on closer examination that I realised that the size I had chosen was the finished measurement. Huff, I hate that! I basically had two centimetres of ease, which is clearly not enough!

Unpicking ensued. I could do nothing about the darts as they are cut into the pattern, but I decided to add strips into the side seams. At this point I had the smallest scraps left, plus two facings that I couldn’t use.

I made the strips as wide as I could, piecing them together.

I managed to get another 5 centimetres around the body, which was sufficient. Luckily the fabric is busy enough that all my crimes are hidden.

I was pleased to note that the top now fits reasonably well. The darts are a bit high and I don’t think the shoulder straps are in the right spot, but it’s ok.

When I first tried it on, the top was so tight that the back facing wouldn’t stay down, now it does, so that’s a measure of success.

I love this top with my Purl Soho City Gym shorts. The fabric for these was stolen from Sarah’s (PatternUnion) scrap bin. I had just enough, with a pocket and bias binding fashioned from scraps of the scraps!

I’ve now worn this top a few times and decided that I do rather like it! It doesn’t ride up when I lift my arms, and has a boxy look, which I quite like.

In spite of all the dramas, I do like this fabric – the colours really appeal and I love the little elephants.

I must say that I was so pleased to finish this top, and even more pleased when I realised that I quite liked it and it fits nicely into my wardrobe. There will be more of these, and I’m interested to see what the fit is like when I make the correct size. I note that my bra strap just peeks out, and figure that the larger size will sort this out.


23 thoughts on “First Gyo top – drama from start to finish!

  1. I like this top and it looks good on you. When I first saw the pattern I had my doubts but seeing it made up I have changed my mind. One for next summer I think so thank you for featuring it.

    1. Thank you Christine, I didn’t like it much, but I saw it made up in a shop and found it more appealing. I think fabric might be everything with this pattern!

  2. Good save you! …And love the fabric!
    I’ve been eyeing the Purl Soho City Gym Shorts for years as I’m fond of the lower waist and shorter inseam. Reviews vary. Do you think that the waistband application is “odd”? How did you find the sizing?

    1. Thanks Lodi! I’ve only just discovered these shorts and this was my third pair. The sizing is perfect for me, but I have small hips and backside. I didn’t find anything odd about the waistband as far as I can remember. They are a really quick and easy make.

  3. I love that fabric, the design and the colour. AND I wouldn’t have worried about those slight imperfections at all. The top itself is super gorgeous and a great pattern. Your post is a lesson in triumph over adversity, and a reminder to always measure twice, cut once! I am a magnet for sewing mistakes and HATE unpicking things, and I give up very quickly. Hence my limited stock of me made clothes. Go figure. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to make sewing mistakes, it’s not the end of the world! I can see this top and more being a great addition to your wardrobe. Kerry x

    1. I think in my case the moral of the story is to read the instructions properly! Having said that, I’m so glad I was able to finish the top and wear it happily. I thought a crash diet might have been in order! I also make a lot of mistakes, but have been known to unpick completely in order to fix mistakes. I’ve learned the hard way that I am not happy with the near enough is good enough thing. I think unpicking is a mindset. I don’t mind unpicking overlocking as I know how to do it quickly. This top actually had French seams, so took a while to unpick, but I loved the fabric too much to give up. I will get a lot of wear from this, I know!

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