Megan Nielsen community photo shoot.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will have seen the Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes and Floreat top that I made in preparation for the community photo shoot organised by Megan.  I took a deep breath to make the “real” Floreat top  from the two pieces of precious peace silk provided by Megan from her shop. The first thing I did was to draw a thread to make the top edge straight and immediately noticed that the pattern wasn’t printed straight. It curved in the middle and the two edges didn’t line up. I checked the second piece and it wasn’t quite as bad but the pattern was still off grain. I had a choice – cut the fabric on grain and have the pattern on the fabric end up who knew where, or line up the pattern. I couldn’t decide! In the end I took it back to Megan’s studio, and it was there, talking to Naomi, one of Megan’s staff, that I realised I could probably make it work. I need to point out that I would not have made all this fuss had the fabric not been a gift and were I not participating in a photo shoot.

I managed to get it made, the pattern is pretty wonky but to be honest, you’d never really know. I even did some pattern matching!


I used French seams throughout, and cut the back on the fold. This meant that the centre back neck slit is not quite how it should be but I hand rolled it and found a lovely button to secure it.

We had a professional photographer and it was lovely to be directed as to where and how to stand. I think you’ll agree that the photos are fabulous and I’d like to acknowledge and thank Bronnie from Bronnie Joel Photography. You can find her work on Instagram here.

Here is Megan being the most supportive and encouraging spectator. Thanks Meg!


I thought I’d make a little slide show of the actual photo shoot. It was such a fabulous day with Bree and Eleanor in their Megan Nielsen outfits. This photo shoot was so memorable for so many reasons!

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We had our photo shoot in Subiaco and it was a beautiful day. It also took place before social distancing became mandatory, but only just!

When I picked up the fabric for my outfit, I found some rayon that matched the peace silk so bought it and made some Flint shorts from it. The pattern was also not quite straight on this fabric either, but I managed pretty good pattern matching – there might be a fabric insert in my inside leg…


I have worn and worn all these garments and I can’t wait to be going out for lunch in them.

I want to thank again Megan Nielsen for making this day possible and for thinking about inviting me – I was so chuffed! I also need to thank Bronnie for her gorgeous photos, and my fellow models Bree and Eleanor, who both looked fabulous.


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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous day and gorgeous photos taken. I really like how you have made your top into a set, very versatile.

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