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What seems like many weeks ago Lara emailed me and asked if I’d like to make her Menthe Jacket and participate in a blog tour about it. I said yes, although I felt some trepidation as the instructional videos were all in Spanish! How hard could it be though?!

I checked out the pattern drawings and liked the lines very much, especially the princess seams, with the integrated pockets and the back sleeves.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 1.06.01 pm

Then the hunt began for suitable fabric. I was determined not to buy any, and eventually found this pure wool upholstery fabric that I had obtained free at Remida, our local recycling centre. The fabric was in three pieces and I wasn’t sure that I had enough, but some finagling later and I had it cut out.

The jacket is supposed to be lined, but I couldn’t find anything in my stash that I wanted to line this with, given that it would show in various places, so I decided to treat this as a wearable toile and forego the lining.

The fabric frayed dreadfully so I bound all the seams with binding made from a couple of Mark’s old work silk ties. I thought this one would be perfect.


Unfortunately one tie wasn’t enough, so a second tie was sacrificed.


The making of the jacket wasn’t too difficult, I looked at the videos here and there and even understood a couple of words, did some head scratching, and I got the job done. I made a size 40 but I think the 42  would have given me just a bit more room to wear a jumper underneath. However, I think this is supposed to be a fitted jacket so I didn’t stress too much.

Then came the question of how to finish the edges and my lovely friend Sarah from Pattern Union suggested that I roll them and blanket stitch them. Great idea! I rummaged in the thread drawer and then decided that if I drew threads from the scrap fabric and used them, the match would be perfect! The gold looked nicer than the blue so that’s what I used. This was a lovely thing to do whilst watching tv in the evening, and it took four evenings to finish the various edges.


I tested a variety of buttonholes and decided that they might not stand up to much wear and tear, so I made these little rolled bundles, frayed the edges, and bound them tightly with the drawn gold threads. I sewed them on at what I hoped was a jaunty angle and then sewed on silk covered snaps underneath. IMG_1162


This photo shows the snaps, and also my silk tie bias binding. Also my unpressed top!DSC02840

Getting photos of me in this jacket was extremely problematic as it’s been so hot and I had no desire to stand around in a wool jacket and coordinating clothes! However, I finally suffered for my art and got these photos, although I’m still considering what to style the jacket with once the cooler weather makes an appearance.

The pockets are really lovely but I feel that they distort the lines of the jacket when I stick my hands in them, hence the hands on hips pose in other photos.


The sleeves are supposed to be turned back into cuffs, but I couldn’t quite work out how they went and the sleeves finished up too short when I folded them back, so I’ve left them turned down. I don’t mind this look at all. The photo below shows one of  them turned back. I think they are supposed to be buttoned but I couldn’t find the instructions. I’m not very good at watching videos I’ve decided.


The obligatory back view. It took a lot of pressing and clapping to get the seams to sit flat. There’s quite a lot of precision sewing required in this jacket, with seamlines converging.  IMG_5334

I think I’ll tweak the seams a little bit if I make the jacket again. It’s easy to adjust the fit as there are princess seams front and back and the raglan sleeves are in two pieces.

I really enjoyed making the jacket and it was fun to interpret the Spanish. Relax though, Lara is releasing English instructions.

The tour has four other bloggers who have made this jacket, and it is nice to check them out, as we all have a slightly different take on the pattern. You can also check them out on Instagram. I have linked to their sites.
8th March           Suzy                       @sewing_in_spain
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26th March         Isi                                      @isi_crafts
2nd April             Mónica         @mamemimoblog

18 thoughts on “Lara Sanner Menthe Jacket

  1. Your jacket is absolutely fabulous! I love the fabric and your use of contrast is perfect. Love the inside finishes too, truly a work of art. Off to check out that pattern:)

  2. This pattern really stands out of the crowd with its original lines. The fit looks awesome on you and your buttons are simply genius. !Que linda chaqueta! Felicitaciones mi amiga xxx

    1. Gracias mi amiga! The style lines are really interesting and I love those pockets. I would have liked to have worked out the cuff, but just couldn’t!

  3. All the details of this are beautiful. Isn’t Google translate wonderful. I jumped in with similar lack of concern to pattern test for German designer TINAlisa. How hard could it be 🤪😅. Designer sent me link for translating pdf files. You can upload instruction pdf documents to this site, and it translates them with minimal change of layout. Follow the link and upload:
    I realised I’d jumped in deep end when tester instructions were given in video (no subtitles) on Facebook 😂

    1. Haha, I also had a video with no subtitles. It didn’t help that I was mesmerised by Lara’s beautiful fingers, so stopped watching. That link will be really useful for Japanese pattern books which also have me scratching my head!

  4. It looks fabulous! I’m friends with Lisa and have been hearing about hers as she’s been making it. I think she should have taken a crash course in Spanish🙈

    1. Thank you! I’m actually learning Spanish as I was supposed to be visiting my sister in Spain later this year (probably not going to happen now), but it stood me in no stead whatsoever. Lara’s beautiful hands had me mesmerised so the videos were a bit of a distraction. However, the jacket is actually not that difficult to put together.

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