Lotta Jansdotter Owyn trousers

It’s Lottamonth over on Instagram, which I’m co-hosting with my friend Ali from @robinsnest1926. The month is all about celebrating the wonderful patterns produced by Lotta Jansdotter in the book Everyday Style, which has a number of key pieces to sew a capsule wardrobe.


I’ve been making things out of this book since it was first published in 2015, but I’d never made the Owyn trousers as they didn’t look like they would suit me. At all. However, I felt that I needed to make them in the interests of diligent reporting, so I decided to start with the shorts.

My first pair were made pretty much to the pattern with the exception of the crotch curve, which I took from my trouser block. I also added front pockets which I made by drawing a shape which pleased me on the front pattern piece, tracing it off with seam allowances. This also allowed me to put placement markers on the pattern so I knew exactly where they should go. I am extremely happy with these pockets.

I used some absolutely gorgeous stretch denim that I got from the free scrap basket at Megan Nielsen’s studio in Perth.


My first iteration was a couple of sizes too big so I unpicked them back to the component parts, recut them and sewed them back up. I think they are probably still quite big, probably as a result of the stretchy fabric, but these are almost my favourite!


I love them with my naturally dyed pillowcase turned t-shirt!


Now that I felt I had the pattern sorted I wanted another, longer, pair.


The yellow fabric is quite a stiff, loosely woven cotton which was donated to my stash by my friend Leonie. The yellow goes with so many of my tops.


I also made a pair from some lovely cotton which I bought from Woven Stories in Perth. I bought the fabric to make a Pilvi jacket (from the same book), but I had some left over, so I thought shorts would be really nice.


These shorts were all about the edging. I had to line them with silk and I then had a piece of that left over, so I made the Esme top, yes, from the same book, to go with it all.


Having had success with the shorts, I thought I’d try the trousers. I used some linen left over from Mark’s bathrobe, so I used that.


I did know that the trousers are short and I hate my ankles poking out from things, but I went with it. If I make them again, they will definitely be made longer.

I still had some scraps so I added a bit of an old shirt that I’d cut up for something else, and with a bit of creative seaming, I had the Kiomi top, from the book too.


The top is A-line with cutaway armholes, which have caused me a few problems with underwear showing.


I am not a fan of the shape of the legs of these trousers on me. They are baggy through the thighs and knees and if I make them again, they will be reshaped.


I used my, now standard, pockets, which work so well. The trousers have an elasticated back and a flat front, which seems to be the best of both worlds.


This is a lovely cool outfit which is perfect for walking around the neighbourhood. I wouldn’t wear it to lunch, but that’s ok. All of these photos were taken in local parks. We are so lucky with the artwork we have scattered around.

The good news is that Lotta has been in touch and announced that there is a new pattern books in the works. I know many people waiting with excited anticipation!



20 thoughts on “Lotta Jansdotter Owyn trousers

  1. I have the book but that is as far as I have got so far but I am getting lots of inspiration from this challenge. I particularly like your yellow sets.

  2. I admire how you use every scrap of fabric and end up with some great outfits. The pants look cool and very comfortable for casual wear. Look forward to seeing what you do with them to make them more you.

  3. Oh wow, I am so impressed! I’m not sure which shorts I like best, but the ones with matching tops are probably my favourites because I do love the matchy-matchy look. You have really given the Owyn pants pattern a good workout. I’ve never gotten past the cutting out of the Esme tunic! Maybe it’s time? Having been off social media the last few months I think you have tempted me to go have a look on Instagram. Thank you as always for your posts. Kerry x

    1. Thank you so much Kerry! If you’re going to make something, one of Lotta’s patterns are recommended. So easy, so effective, and good to hack!

  4. Actually I like these owyn pants on you. I’m definitely making this pattern in March for Lottamonth! Thanks for all the inspiration xx

  5. Now see, I like the pants on you but I’d turn up the edge twice in a baby roll. As a tall gal also, it needs to look intentional and since the fabric isn’t stiff, I think a little roll would look casual and make a feature you might like! All the makes are great and I am very inspired to get poppin’ with my book. Moreover, I might try fabrics that are laying around with nothing to do cuz you really surprised me with your choices. Lovin’ it as always!

    1. Thank you Jodie, I’ll give it a go, but I’m not keen on my ankles showing under trousers. I’m not tall, so look stumpy very quickly. Definitely get going with your book, you will love it!

  6. Love this Lotta books! I bought it two years ago and so far I only made a Esme top with a thrifted bedsheet. Your shorts with the edge and silk look fabulous!

  7. I am buying the Lotta Jansdotter book right now after reading your blog post about it – it sounds so great! Just checking in about the pockets for the shorts that you made – did you draft the pockets yourself? If so – is there any way I could gain a copy of the short pocket pattern? I.e. scan and send as a .pdf? I am very new to sewing and would appreciate the info so much!

    1. To be honest, all I did was draw a shape on the front pattern piece and then trace that off. That way you get the size right. I can scan my pocket for you if you like.

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