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We had an easy day cruising round the garment district, calling into shops at random, and occasionally buying a frippery.

One such shop was Pacific Trimming which was so full of things that I walked around with my mouth open, I swear!


This is velcro. Look at those amazing colours! I’m sure I’ve never seen colours like this in Perth.IMG_0473

Whilst I was being distracted by the bindings below, Mark was busy buying me a few different coloured velcros.  Truly, he’s a keeper!


We had to call past the Holiday Inn in the garment district, just to look at the sewing machines on the tables. Whilst I was sitting here thinking how cool it was, a man was helpfully telling me that they didn’t work – um duh!


Having been to the Fab Scrap warehouse, I knew I had to get to the shop, so we wended our way there.IMG_0481

It’s really good. So different from the warehouse, with the fabric organised beautifully.IMG_0482

And a really cool piece of wall art.


I have to say though, that nothing tempted me and I much prefer the warehouse!

However, the Fab Scrap shop is a short distance away from the Museum at FIT and so we visited there too. The Museum has the most wonderful collections containing works of some of the greatest designers from the mid 18th century to the present.

Last time we went they had a wonderful 1960s exhibition, and this time it was the Minimalism and Maximalism in one room and a Paris exhibition in another.

The Minimalism and Maximalism exhibition highlights the fact that fashion is a world of extremes, reacting to the fashion movement that came before whatever the current one is – which is why we get the alternating between simple and extravagant. Minimalism, or less is more, celebrating restraint, whereas maximalism highlights excess and eclecticism. Apparently we are now in a period of maximalism, although pundits are forecasting the return of minimalism. Truly, I don’t know whether I’m up or down!

Decide for yourself – are these minimal or maximal?


What about this? And never mind the label – it’s gorgeous!


I am a big fan of Christian LaCroix, just look at this jacket. Nothing minimalist about this one!


A new take on the kilt – I’m sure those brawny Scottish highlanders would have approved, although it might have been a bit chilly in the winter. It’s by Isaac Mizrahi.

I included the orange knit standing next to it as I thought the design lines were really interesting. This is an Alexander Wang design.


I love the geometric dress and even the Baby Ruth shift dress has a certain charm although not for me.


But the pièce de résistance for me was this psychedelic printed dress, by Thea Porter, with the smocked bishop sleeves, and I’m certain that I remember dresses like this from my youth.  I’m going to have a go at smocking some sleeves. I also love the jacket standing next to it. IMG_0515

Part of the Parisian exhibition contained a slide show on the differences between an original Chanel and a licensed copy. Any of you who have read “The Pink Suit” by Nicole Mary Kelby will remember that many of Jackie Kennedy’s suits were copies of the Paris originals, including the pink suit she was wearing on that fateful day. I photographed every slide should anyone be interested, but here is just one. IMG_0529

This dress is so simple and yet so chic. Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior.IMG_0571

I could post so many photographs, but in the interests of bandwidth have decided to restrict them to these few.

Out and about in the Borough (a phrase stolen from the local news), and I think this is the most charming Halloween display I’ve seen so far.


This is often the view we have when we are walking in the late afternoon. It looks nice but I wouldn’t want to fall in that water!IMG_0968

Another day and back in Manhattan and I am checking out this cat’s whiskers. This sculpture is hollow and made from something very light, like a polymer. A little lit up pug statue can be seen in the window. IMG_0972

Because of our love of all things camping we’ve spent a bit of time in an outdoor store called REI which is housed in a beautiful old building known as the Puck Building.

We noticed this sign on the wall

IMG_0976 2

and a whole display of the lithograph stones. These are so interesting. Some are back to front, others are upside down and some go in all directions.


I love this Board of Education Diploma. IMG_0977

Continuing our travels in Manhattan, we had a happy morning exploring Bryant Park. Blanca took me to lunch here and I wanted to show Mark as we’ve previously only visited in the winter. Summer in Bryant Park is a whole other ball game. It’s full of people and flowers and activity.


Whilst we were there we just had to pay another visit to Winnie the Pooh and companions. I’m still so surprised that they finished up in New York. IMG_1019

I do love a good library and this one is a beauty. This library is a standout memory from the first time I ever visited New York in the 1980s.


and finally we managed to get to this Broadway Show, which I can’t recommend enough. It was full of humour and pathos and the quiet heroes of Newfoundland who looked after 7000 people who landed when the the US airspace was closed following the terrorism acts of 9/11. This has to be the most heartwarming story, in a time when we need heartwarming stories, and may just be my most favourite musical ever!





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  1. If you have the time and inclination I would be fascinated to see all the slide show photographs of the differences between the Chanel original and copy 😍. I’m unable to travel and I love going on these armchair rides with you. Very much appreciate you sharing your adventures.

      1. Thankyou so much Sue that is very generous of you! I’ve sent you a message on Instagram with my email address 🙏🥰

  2. Sue, you are a wonderful writer and there are so many details in this post of things I must see. The Chanel details sound fascinating as I ponder my next red french cardigan. It was so much fun shopping for it with you as my shopping and style coach. In fact your suggestion of a taupe silk for the accent lining has led me down the rabbit hole of swatch shopping for just this perfect shade.
    Thanks for all of these NY posts. They are great for pointing out all the things I must do in the city.

    1. Thank you so much Blanca! The Museum at FIT is free, so it’s always a must do for me. I also loved going shopping with you, and have such lovely memories of the day we spent together.

  3. Just wonderful. I think I know some Scots who would wear that Mizrahi kilt dress – but they would probably wear a good cardi with it 😂

  4. What a nice ending to your memorable stay in NYC. By now, you probably know more about New York than many New Yorkers do. Your blog posts are so rich and informative, I will read them again before my next trip to New York. Thank you xxx

  5. I am in awe of your blog and your travels! We have been to NYC many times and haven’t begun to do what you have done in this one trip – amazing! I have read every word of these posts and I hope you never go home – just keep on blogging, please!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Martha. New York is such a long way from home that we have to work hard to maximise our time. I promise to keep on blogging, but not always about my travels.

  6. Hi Sue I did send you a message on Instagram. I’m following you but you’re not following me so you would have to look in your message requests. I’m harihazza on insta if that helps.

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