Sewing friends and sewing sights

The most exciting part of any trip are the friends I can catch up with en route. New York has been no exception and it was so cool to catch up with the very stylish Blanca who made the trip into the city just to see me.

Blanca is another sewist that I met on IG and I do so love her feed. We had the best conversation – about zero waste fashion, our IG heroes, life, and so on. I also had a fan girl moment over her jacket, which is gorgeous and which I’m going to shamelessly copy.


After lunch in Bryant Park (thank you Blanca) we visited the garment district and Mood. I really sat on my hands so I didn’t buy anything, but there is still time…

I wish I’d taken more photographs, but, as always, we were far too busy to think about such things.

Speaking of the garment district, I thought I’d once again show these lovely sculptures which celebrate the local tailors and sewists who once plied their trade in this area.


Adjacent to the sculpture is a button and giant needle which rests on the Fashion Centre Business Improvement Kiosk, which seems to be undergoing some sort of renovation. IMG_9710

The first time I ever visited the Garment District I remember dodging the racks of clothes as they were wheeled about at great speed. It was such a dynamic spot and is the poorer for all the jobs that have been lost.

There is a Fashion Walk of Fame and we paused to look at each plaque. Most of the designers were unknown to me, but the next two are, of course, well known!IMG_9715IMG_9716

Mark loves Hoboken and particularly a hand made chocolate shop in Hoboken, so off we went. The chocolate shop was shut but we had a nice time wandering the very quiet streets and enjoyed the waterfront area, which we’ve never visited before.


Looking back to Manhattan and I noticed that building with a crazy lean, an amazing piece of architecture! I must find out what it’s about.IMG_9743

It was 9/11 and there were lots of commemorations happening. This boat in the photo above had a sign which said “Never Forget”. And we won’t! The featured image for this post is the Freedom Tower, which I thought was quite appropriate.

I wore my “new” scrappy top. It was perfect for the weather and goes so well with my mustard zero waste trousersIMG_9739

There is a delightful promenade lined with trees and we did enjoy the walk along it. IMG_9754

Mark making me pose for the obligatory blog photo!IMG_9764

I’ve blogged about the ferry terminus at Hoboken before but it’s always worth showing again. The glass is all Tiffany and the ceiling decorations are exquisite. IMG_9768

I love the outside just as much as the inside. There are several public buildings in this style in New York. IMG_9772

We arrived back in the Financial District and joined the tail end of the 9/11 commemorations. Even the little bit we saw moved us inexorably.

I am now so behind on my blog posts that they may come in thick and fast. Brace yourselves!


6 thoughts on “Sewing friends and sewing sights

  1. Claire McCardell is definitely one of my favorite designers of all times. And Blanca is another icon of style I discovered on IG and admire immensely.

    I can just imagine how Mark was disapointed when the Hoboken chocolaterie was closed, but the magnificient sights were certainly a good consolation!

  2. I loved meeting you, Sue, and do hope there will be more visits. You inspired me so much with your creative ideas and the exciting zero waste patterns of @holly_mcquillan. Your zero waste trousers and gorgeous top made from 2 small pcs of fabric had my brain churning about how to be more creative. However, when you told me the exact number of sewing machines you have, I did get very jealous for a few minutes 😉. What a great time and I am so happy to have met with you and thanks for sharing so much of your talent and style. Enjoy all of your travels 😎

    1. Thank you Blanca, you have inspired me for a long time, so it’s nice that I’ve been able to do the same with you. Don’t be jealous of my sewing machines, when I get home I’m going to sell at least six of them!

  3. Hi,

    I do so enjoy your posts both for the lovely travel & clothing made photographs.
    Loved the zero waste trousers and scrappy top so have spent a happy hour whilst waiting to be discharged from hospital browsing the details of the trousers. Unfortunately can’t find anything on the scrappy top.
    I did make my grandson a pair of bibbed shorts 9 years ago made up of frayed edged random scraps sewn onto muslin & wondered if you used a similar method?
    I’m looking for a new dressmaking model (as mine was my grannies and is very fragile now) and wondered if you have any suggestions?
    Keep up the good work, your blogs are always interesting.

    1. Thank you so much. My scrappy top hasn’t been blogged yet, but I took a silk tank that I made and didn’t like and covered it with random scraps – just as you did for your grandson’s shorts. I think if I was in the market for a new dressmaking model I would look as making my own. There are a number of tutorials for making your own and I’ve seen one that is sewn and stuffed to your exact body measurements. Good luck!

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