Assembly Line Cuff Top

My IG partners in crime and fellow Make a Garment a Month (Magam) hosts, Hélène and Suzy thought that we should all make the Assembly Line Cuff Top for the Jiffy June Magamsewalong theme. Piece of cake I thought. Then they wanted to use gingham and Hélène chose blue and Suzy yellow. By the time I got to the conversation I realised that the only colours I had in my stash were those two, so I needed to go shopping!

I bought some fabulous fabric in the silk shop in Birmingham and then realised that, whilst it was checked, it was not gingham! Gingham by definition has a colour and white, so it was back to the drawing board. Then I went shopping with Andrew at Goldhawk Road and he helped me buy these two fabrics, a blush pink and a grey gingham. I wanted to mix them together and the cuff top pattern was perfect as it has a centre seam front and back.


I need to say at this point that I’m not sure that this is gingham either, but I got tired of overthinking it and I loved this fabric! Matching the checks did cause me some angst though, although I got there in the end. DSC02433

I used an old white cotton shirt donated by my friend Suzanne for the neck facing so that the checks wouldn’t show through.

IMG_1687The pattern is pretty cute, a straight body with grown on sleeves which are gathered into elastic to form cuffs. It also has a boat neck. DSC02434

I cut the top out so the pink and grey are alternated front and back. +7zBBJ+TQCyjOGEf31cJAA_thumb_5261

This is a simple top but one which I know I will wear often in the summer. The fabric is beautiful 100% cotton with a lovely hand. DSC02435

Before I made the gingham top I thought I’d toile it with a 1960s tablecloth belonging to my late Mother in Law. She loved spots and I can absolutely see her hosting a lunch with this cloth on the table. I don’t think it’s been used for years but found its way into my stash. It has a (now faded) green square in the middle with a white border, all sprinkled with spots and a few stripes. I actually remembered to take a photograph of it pre-pressing!


I looked at the sizing and decided I was a medium and the resultant top is on the large side, but I don’t mind it too much. Just for reference, the gingham one is size small. DSC02438

I had to finagle the pattern a little bit and finished up adding some home made bias binding to the hem as I had to shorten it to fit it on. I didn’t use the front and back centre seams as I decided they would spoil the pattern of the cloth. DSC02441

I’ve got to tell you that, in spite of it being a bit baggy, I really love this top and my MIL would have loved it too. DSC02444

I was originally planning to flatlay the top as the weather was too cold to wear it. Then the sun came out and things warmed up so I did a wearable flatlay instead. DSC02455

I think this shows the lovely fabric beautifully. It matches my glasses and makes me really happy!DSC02454

The obligatory back view. I really like that the white border looks like a yoke, it is perfectly positioned, which was more good luck than good management. I think the sleeves are too long in this one and definitely too wide and I could shorten the elastic, but I’m not going to change a thing.DSC02461

I even managed to get the green aligned pretty perfectly. I did try to line those dots up but I didn’t have enough fabric to shuffle the pattern piece across. DSC02440

Wearing both tops with my Jalie Eléonore pull up jeans which I would swear have shrunk in the wash, but I’ve since realised that my thighs have bulked up a bit from all the walking I’ve been doing.

This is a really nice pattern, wearable and easy to put together. The instructions are very explicit, although I did get momentarily confused when there was a description of how to sew a dart when there are no darts in this pattern. The method of putting the elastic in the cuff isn’t the way I would do it, but it worked really well. I haven’t had a lot of luck with boat necks recently but this one is nice, even in the too big tablecloth version. I will be making many more of these tops I’m sure. I even have plans for a little hack.


31 thoughts on “Assembly Line Cuff Top

  1. I really LOVE your MIL’s table cloth version. It’s perfect! This pattern looks like it could be a great way to use up scraps. Happy sewing!

  2. These are both gorgeous but I particularly like the MIL tablecloth one. Great serendipity with the way the border imitates a yoke.

  3. It’s a dearly beloved ritual to look at your blog in the morning, Sue.
    I’m always happy, even if I sometimes have to use a translator.
    Both versions look great! The first a little bit more great. :-))
    Which tablecloths can be good for.
    I ordered the cut right away. Thank you for your suggestion.

    1. Thank you so much Regina. I’m glad you’re able to translate my blog. I do love both of these, and I’m so pleased you bought the pattern too.

  4. I love both of these tops Sue. They work so well in both fabrics. I’ve made one cuff top (bought the pattern when it came as a one size pattern). I made it in cupro and it came out a bit big, so I unpicked it and took a little out of the centre seam. I haven’t worn it a great deal and I think that’s because the fabric doesn’t have enough drape, the neckline still feels a little wide, and I think it’s a bit long. So I will put it on the alteration pile and do at least the latter …and then see about making another version – because yours are so lovely. Love the standing flatlay. and your jeans and stained glass are beautiful – as are you.

    1. Thank you so much Judith, what a lovely comment. I think this pattern does need a bit of drape, although I would have thought that cupro would be fine. It does run large, so taking it down a size should work well. I am totally in love with both of mine and will probably make more in the summer.

  5. You know, I really like the bigger version on you. It makes more of a statement. The fabric (tablecloth) helps too. Nice pattern.

  6. This top pattern suits you so well, Sue! The size S is even better and you made the two tops with creative twists. Your jeans are the perfect partner (your thighs looking very good)!

  7. Great job Sue. Two Cuff Tops in what, a couple of days since you were back home? Talk about Jiffy June! xx

  8. Sue, the MILTC (Mum in Law’s Table Cloth) top is so much fun – it works to a tea!!!
    Keep up the creative use of ‘stuff’

  9. LOVE the tablecloth one! The gingham is lovely too but the polka dots and changing print have so much pizzazz.

  10. Great looking tops and you showed perfect that thinking out of the box by using a tablecloth can make also a top Top.

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