A bounty of Beverleys

My last post was mostly about the cape that I had made from the Pattern Union Beverley wrap and cape pattern, but I have a few wraps that I want to share.

I mentioned in my last post that the Beverley wrap was modelled on my late Mother-in-Law’s 1950s (I think) fox fur wrap, which imparts instant glamour. I know that real fur is not de rigueur but foxes are the scourge of every farmer in Australia, so fox fur is not as vilified here.

Excuse these photos but I just flung it on so that I could show how well Sarah captured the essence of this wrap.

The back shape and sleeves are identical, although the strips of fox have been gathered in a little bit to produce the shaping at the front. There are also pockets hidden in the fronts. The fur has a clasp in the front, and I may still add a clasp to one of mine.

This delicious mustard wool version goes really well with my mustard shoes that I made with The Shoe Camaraderie. 


I’m wearing it with a sparkly Sumekko top, which seems to go with just about everything I own.


I have worn this particular wrap a few times this summer – it’s been perfect for throwing over a top when I need to ward off the evening chill, and I even wore it on a cool day, which is when I took these photos.


It has the perfect welt pockets as designed by Sarah, and it is lined with a really pretty scarf which came from an op shop.


I made an evening version of the wrap from some amazing Chanel tweed which was sent to me many years ago by a follower from Austria.


This fabric is covered in sequins, which gives it a gold cast, so it goes perfectly with my gold silk Megan Nielsen Flint trousers and gold shoes. And of course, that sparkly Sumekko!

I couldn’t resist putting in this photo. I was trying to get away from the sun and shadows, but Heidi padded into shot, so I had to include it!


The wrap has slightly different lines from the cape. It is extremely economical to make, and I have managed to get it out of 80cm of fabric. I have enough of the Chanel tweed left to make a matching skirt. The pockets for this one are in the lining, which is a glorious rich chestnut colour, which picks up the chestnut flecks in the Chanel tweed.  DSC02190

I am looking forward to seeing how this one teams with jeans.

My last wrap is made from faux fur I bought in Queenstown, New Zealand, several years ago. DSC02195

This is another version which will be useful for day or evening wear as it can be dressed up or down. I’m wearing it with a  spangled knit cocktail dress which reminds me a lot of the Sumekko dress and which I’ve had for more years than I care to remember.DSC02198

This fabric is soft and snuggly but I am afraid that it’s not a natural fibre. I would not buy it today, but I will wear it with pleasure.


These won’t be the last of my Beverley wrap makes as I’m really surprised how versatile and useful this style is. It is currently on sale at Pattern Union.  Get it before the price increase!


12 thoughts on “A bounty of Beverleys

  1. The faux fur wrap with that dress looks gorgeous. have some faux fur that has been sitting for ages while I tried to work out what to do with it – I am inspired!

  2. They all look great and love the photos especially the last one with the horns growing from your head!

  3. I try not to buy patterns I have to grade up, but my resistance is really low on this one. I love both versions of the pattern, and all of your makes.

    1. Could you measure your bust and shoulders for me? I can ask Sarah, as the largest size may fit you. I am usually a medium, but the XS fits me best. You can email me on sstoney@mac.com if you wish. I will then get back to you.

  4. I love them all, of course, they’re all gorgeous! As for the sizing, I made a size S for my winter cape according to my bust size and it’s snug on my shoulders. Next time, I’d make a size S for a summer caplet (to be worn on light tops or dresses) and a size M for a winter cape to be worn on a light jacket or bulkier knit. I realised I might have broad shoulders!

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