Sobi belt

Many years ago I made a belt that reminded me of an Obi, so I always called it my Obi belt. I didn’t really have a pattern, having done my usual copying from a high end store trick. I recently wore it with my short black and white Pattern Union Sumekko dress and my friends Hélène and Suzy, who both tested the Sumekko dress asked if Sarah from Pattern Union could produce a graded pattern for it.

As usual, Sarah improved on my efforts. I had done a bound buttonhole, but Sarah split the wide part of the belt into two pieces and used the seam to thread the ties through. Very clever, easier to sew and easier to grade.

I took myself off to Sarah’s atelier, dressed to go out to lunch with some friends. We not only tested Sarah’s redesigned belt pattern – now called the Sobi, another pattern named for me (!), but we made another Sumekko to wear with it. Sarah magiced up the fabric for both from her considerable stash (has to be seen to be believed!), and we finished up with identical outfits. The Sobi is made from some lovely fabric, which was beautiful on both sides, so we made them reversible.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.09.01 pm

The Sumekko dress is made from the most drapey, floaty, spangly, knit fabric. It is gorgeous, and the dress and belt look lovely together.


We took the photos in Sarah’s garden and Jasper, her dog, made his usual photobombing appearance.IMG_0234

Back view:IMG_0241

Sarah made this video showing how gloriously floaty and drapey the dress is.

The Sobi belt pattern has now been released and it’s available here. This is a deceptively simple design, but oh so flattering. I have now worn it with a black dress and a skirt and top, and it feels wonderful with both.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.10.59 pm

I did mention that I visited Sarah dressed for lunch, but once I had put my Sumekko Sobi combination on, I didn’t want to take it off so finished up wearing it for the lunch!


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  1. I can almost feel this balmy wind on my skin… sighs. Now, this Sobi belt is brilliant. A stylish, impeccably crafted touch perfecting the Sumekko dress. And I must mention that you look more lovely and smiling on each post – what’s happening with you, Sue? Is there a fountain of youth in Sarah’s magnificent garden?

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