How to make a Frida Kahlo style flower crown

I have to say at the outset that there are probably a million ways of making a flower crown and my favourite would be with real flowers. However, I’m not very skilled with flowers and the only ones available in my garden at present are grevilleas and other assorted spiky things or camellias which have no stalks, so I decided to knit some flowers. I’ve never knitted a flower before and I had a browse around the Internet and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so had a play. I used some silk yarn left over from my Endless Cardi Shrug, most recently seen in this blog post.  Here is how I did it:

Use the right sized needles for your yarn and cast on either 69 or 79 stitches, depending on whether you want a large or medium sized flower (cast on fewer stitches for a smaller flower). Moss stitch (seed stitch) for 2.5cms (1 inch) for a medium flower, or 5cms (2 inches) for a larger flower. Knit 2 together across the row. Cast off leaving a tail. Now use the tail to sew a gathering stitch through the cast off row and draw up the rose, shaping as you go. Secure the shape with the tail, but don’t cut off the spare – you’ll use it to sew your flower to your headband.


I used 4mm needles and 8 ply yarn. If your yarn is thicker or finer you will need to adjust the number of stitches and length of your knitting. I made one large and two medium roses. I did have a go at making one from some sari silk yarn, which I thought would be fabulous. But it wasn’t – I made a blob! I need to thank all my IG followers for their creative suggestions for the blob, and I’m working on them!


I didn’t have anything for a headband and thought about just cutting a piece of cotton knit and sewing it at the back, but found this Youtube video and I can recommend this method. It uses old t-shirts and has a macramé knot at the centre or slightly to the side. Cut six 2.5cm strips, stretch them to curl them and then join with the knot. I put mine at the centre to support my flowers. img_7151.jpg

It’s hard to see because of the light, but I’m sure you can imagine. Cut the strips to the size of your head and get out the glue gun. I do love anything that uses a glue gun! The ends of the strips are glued together and a little sleeve is glued over the top to make them neat.

I sewed my three flowers on to the headband, but it needed a bit more. I had fortuitously visited an op shop on the day I made the headband and found a box of beaded flowers on lovely bendy stalks.  This is a reject as the stalk was a bit short, but it gives you the idea. I got a whole bouquet of these flowers for less than a dollar!


I just twisted the flowers on to the band and bent them until they were pointing where I wanted them. Had I not found these flowers I would have knitted a few more roses, I did plan on some variegated ones, which I think would look great, and I may still do this.


I’m pretty happy with my flower crown and if anyone else is struggling to produce something for this challenge, please feel free to copy or adapt.



11 thoughts on “How to make a Frida Kahlo style flower crown

  1. Holà Sue! I wasn’t planning to make a head piece to complete my huipil but I love your knitted flowers! I’m bookmarking this post as I would love to make some of these, either as a brooch or as an embellishment around a plain dress neckline. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! You can make it smaller by using finer wool, or dating on fewer stitches and doing fewer rows. I might make a couple of tiny ones!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the instructions Sue. I think this is very beautiful and I can’t wait to have a go. Thanks for going the whole hog too – I can’t wait to see the photos.

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