Protective case for my Singer Featherweight

Anyone who owns a Singer Featherweight sewing machine will know that it is fabulous for taking to classes as they are small and light-ish. Not exactly featherweight, but certainly portable. Every time I take mine out and about I find myself stressing about the case. Keeping the case in good condition is as important as having the machine in good condition and it’s quite vulnerable to knocks and fellow class mates are not always as respectful of a case sitting on the floor as one might like. I also find myself worrying about the security of the handle and the locks and finish up carrying it in my arms like a baby, which is not ideal when I have lots of other things to carry.

I’ve had all this going on in the back of my mind since I first got my Featherweight, so determined that I was going to make it a bag. This is not a tricky thing to do, just a square “bucket” with a couple of handles and the problem is sorted. I was busy measuring and calculating and drawing when I decided to have a little look at what other people had made and I found a pattern. A really good pattern. It’s by Ingrid van Tuyl and is available from the Singer Featherweight shop.


The components that appealed to me are the fact that the whole box is completely encased thereby protecting all the edges and corners, it has a strong carry handle, and there are bonus patterns for a little mat and a sleeve to go over the bed.

The only part I am going to modify is to put some cords to hold the lid up as the hinge on the lid is really vulnerable when it is open. Note that I am resting my lid on a chair so that the hinge is not put under stress.


Once I had the pattern I began casting around for appropriate fabric. It needed to be sturdy, home decorating weight and I didn’t have a lot in the stash that appealed to me. Then I found a little pile of gingham squares that I got at REmida, our local recycling centre. These squares were obviously samples that had been in a book. I simply patchworked them together, added batting and quilted them. I really like the slightly eclectic appearance of the different colours and designs. All other components came from my stash, which is such a good feeling.

If you are a Featherweight owner you might be like me and stuff a piece of fabric between the hinged bed and the face of the machine so that the paint doesn’t get chipped. This is so much more elegant.


A view of the sleeve which slips over the bed which has to sit upright to fit the machine in its box.


When not in its box I am storing the machine with the sleeve on to stop the bed getting scratched. I made the little mat for it to sit on, although I’m not sure what it adds, but it’s quite sweet. IMG_6362

I will probably stick pins in this mat when I am sewing, but it does look quite nice with the sleeve which tones so well.


So next time I have to take my precious Featherweight 222k anywhere, I can do so knowing that it’s going to be completely safe and protected.


This tote would also be excellent if your case has seen better days and is missing its handle or locks. No-one would ever know that the case is not pristine.

I note that this pattern is also available in Dutch.


17 thoughts on “Protective case for my Singer Featherweight

  1. This is something I may make for my little 222K too. Those sturdy handles will make it easier to carry through an airport. I too carry mine like a baby. Thanks!

  2. WONDERFUL !!!! I so love your 222 Featherweight. I have several 221 but the 222 are so hard to find in the US

    1. I think the 222 are hard to find everywhere, they didn’t make many I believe. This case is perfect for the lovely 221 as well though 😉

  3. I love it! Blues and greens together are one of my favorites and what a great use for all those samples! I also have a stack of sample fabric that I’ve not used in a project yet.

  4. So many reasons I love this, Sue! Firstly, your fabric was recovered from a recycling centre, how sustainable is that? Secondly, you are protecting your machine to last for a long time. And of course, it’s a really great project to make! A+ all around! Makes want to start quilting, ha ha!

  5. I just found you on Instagram, having a lovely time poking around your projects. I wanted to thank you for this post particularly, as I hadn’t know about the Singer Featherweight shop. I absconded with my mother’s 1952 221 when I went to college in 1978. She is still complaining about it as it has the buttonhole attachment… A good cleaning, polish, and a snug bag are in the immediate future for my baby!

    1. Well thank you and welcome! I’m glad you have the Featherweight and I understand your stealing it! I can really recommend the bag, it protects and makes carrying so much easier. Good luck!

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