A double gift: KS3928 and fabric

When I met up with Coco from Naughty Bobbin Patterns for lunch in Sausalito earlier this year she was wearing a glamorous and chic outfit which turned out to consist of her very own Solstice skirt and Kwik Sew 3928. I was on the very last day of my holiday and I was grubby and scruffy and slightly sick of my clothes, so I had a case of serious lust for her gorgeous outfit.

Anyway, she sent me the Kwik Sew pattern and I immediately wanted to make it. She warned me that it ran large so I went down a size and I think the size is perfect.

I used a lovely piece of fabric which was a gift Sandra who is on FB as Dilliander Sews.

IMG_5783Sandra had made an Itch-to-Stitch Hvar jacket from this fabric and I was so tempted to copy her but felt that I would get more wear from this top and I just got it out from what I had available.


I think I chose the windiest day we’ve had this winter for the photos and I was amazed by how much this fabric blew around. I think it may be a light weight home decorating fabric without a huge amount of drape but it managed to drape itself all round my body in the wind. Even the collar blew up at the back and of course I didn’t know until I downloaded the photos. Ah well!

Speaking of the collar, it’s quite deep and I felt a bit like a turtle with my scrawny neck poking out so instead of doubling it over, I trebled it and think it’s a perfect depth now – except that I need to stitch it down so it doesn’t blow around.


The top has a curved hem, which is longer at the back and the hem is nicely faced. The sleeves are quite short and Coco told me that she added 8 inches to them (20cms), so I did that too and they are a good length now. I can layer this top beautifully and I have two jumpers on under it, and I don’t think you can tell.


I absolutely love the colours in this top. They are probably a little more muted than they appear in these photos, and I’ve decided that these colours are really “me”. The welt pockets are beautifully drafted and are integrated into a long dart running from the hip, which is a clever bit of construction.

When I make this top again I think I will reduce the width of the sleeves and may cut down the depth of the collar as well. Apart from these little things, this is a lovely pattern made from lovely fabric and I have to thank my two internet friends Coco and Sandra for their generosity and kindness.


16 thoughts on “A double gift: KS3928 and fabric

  1. Lovely top in such warm colors that would lift anyone’s spirits on a winter’s day. Though from the looks of it, your winter’s day was quite sunny and blue-sky all ’round! Enjoyed looking at the backdrops and landscapes of your beautiful area too. Sewing friends are the best!!! 🙂

  2. So this is a winter day in Perth… how gorgeous! I love your pictures in the wind, but particularly the one in front of this colourful mural for a perfect chameleon visual effect! This floral top really suits you, Sue!

    1. Thanks Hélène, in most of the photos my hair stood straight up and the top swirled unattractively round me. We also dodged rain showers!

  3. Great top – I LOVE that collar! The fabric looks great on you. I think it’s likely that we’re going to see more of these 😀

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