Bellavista top: latest from Itch to Stitch

I was one of the people who tested this new and quite excellent pattern from Itch to Stitch and I have to say that it sews up like a dream!

I was asked to test the scoop neck with full length sleeves, but given that it’s summer here, I chose to use some crinkle knit from Knitwit, having a bit of a play with the stripes.


Those chevrons gave me more trouble than they are worth and even though there’s a bit of dodgy matching there, I do like the effect. You can see the effect of the swing bodice. DSC00099


There are a few options with this top, and of course they can be mixed and matched.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.13.29 pm

Next I made a stretchy lace one, still with the scooped neck but this time I added the bell sleeves. From memory I took a couple of centimetres off the length of the sleeves and, because of the selvedge on the lace, I made the bottom straight instead of curved. I love this one!


The sleeves were cut with the selvedge at the cuffs too, which can just be seen in this view. The fabric also came from Knitwit and has been lingering in my stash for far too long.  I think I may have made this one a little longer.


I wanted to test the cowl version, so got out this gorgeous cotton French Terry that I bought somewhere (US? UK?), and off I went. And what a cowl it is! Truly, it covers my head and I have photographic evidence to prove it. I added 5cm to the length of this one so that I can wear it with leggings in the winter. It was summer when I took these photos so I was rather hot!


I don’t normally enjoy cowl necks, but really I liked this one so much that I suddenly had an urge for a wool one. With pockets! I found some black wool knit in my stash, and added 5cms to the length again.


The pockets are a bit hard to see, but I just cut two pocket shapes out and sewed the edge to the back side seam. Then I turned in the side seam at the front and sewed the pocket bag to the side fronts. At some point I must have sewn the side seams! I chose this method as I didn’t want the bulk of a double pocket bag.


I was going to take a photograph of the pockets in close up, but this top has already been packed for my next adventure, so sorry, you’ll have to take my word for it!


So there you have it. Although Kennis designed this as a winter top, I think that the Bellavista is really versatile and will take you through most of the year (depending on where you live, of course!). At the moment it is 20% off, coming down to $8, but Kennis also offers great discounts for bulk buying, so check that out too.

How many Bellavistas will you make?


36 thoughts on “Bellavista top: latest from Itch to Stitch

  1. I loved the pattern since I saw it. You have made really lovely versions! How cute is the selvedge seam at your lace one. I am now convinced that I need the pattern. But first, I have to sew the planned things…
    Have a lovely sewing year! SaSa

  2. All 4 of these came out nicely and are clearly proof of how quick a sew this pattern is. I really don’t have any need for a cowl unless I travel but I’m still getting this pattern. Y’all testers were amazing!

  3. I am not a fan of cowls either but I must say that this style looks very stylish on you. Maybe because the proportions are just right with the trapèze line of the top. Your lace interpretation is my favorite though. What an efficient sewist you are – great job!

  4. I was going to just say how much I liked the stripe play but these are all lovely. I’m sure you will enjoy all of these so much.
    Where are you off to next?

  5. Love all versions of this new pattern that you have sewn. I especially like the lace top but then I love your play with the stripes on the next top. The other tops are lovely and so cosy looking. Your travel wardrobe is well catered for with these tops.

  6. The cowl neck version is to die for – one of the nicest cowls I have seen. You are sewing lots this year…or so far, no doubt in preparation for the drought that will happen when you are away.

  7. What a versatile top. I love the way you have made it look so different by using such varied fabrics. My favourite is the striped top which was definitely worth the extra stripe-matching effort!

  8. Four versions! Impressive sewing. I love your summer interpretations, with the lace one my absolute favourite. The cowl is lovely…unlike you I do like cowl necks…and love that panel which gives a nice shape but can be used for colour blocking too. I was going to try not to buy any patterns this year!!!! Thanks for sharing. Suzy xx

    1. Yes, I rather like the lace version too. That front panel is begging to be colour blocked and I did plan one, but just never found the right fabric combo. I suspect that another winter one will be made though at some point…

  9. I am in awe of your output, Sue! It would have taken me months to sew so many versions! I particularly like the cowl ones, maybe because it’s winter here and I long for snugliness. Hope you have a fab trip, I bet there will be some Mood visits? 🙂

  10. I really like that shape on you! Making chevron stripes was a genious idea, looks great! The cowl neck option looks great too and I’m excited to see pictures of your upcoming adventure 🙂

  11. Oh I really like all these version!!! Interesting how each one looks entirely different than the other. The cowl with pockets looks especially cozy. PS Apologize for all the comments at once….. trying to catch up tonight!

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