The Uvita top: a free pattern!

Kennis, from Itch-to-Stitch has just released this awesome new pattern, the Uvita Top. The Uvita is one of those designs that becomes a wardrobe staple and, the good news is that it’s free!


Features (taken from the ITS website) are:

  • Relaxed fit
  • Dropped shoulder
  • Wide neckline
  • Two sleeve options—long sleeve and three-quarter sleeve
  • Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)


The layers feature is only one of the reasons why I love ITS patterns, but it’s a biggie. I tend to grade between three sizes from top to bottom and so I just print those three sizes and I can see at a glance where I have to go. I always ask myself why other designers don’t do this, it saves so much ink and makes tracing a breeze. The other thing I tested was the way that Kennis recommends to assemble the PDF sheets. It’s outlined by her here. I have to tell you, it almost makes assembling a pleasure.

As always the instructions are precise and comprehensive and this top would be a wonderful introduction to knit sewing for a beginner. It took me less than 90 minutes to make from start to finish, including rethreading all my machines.

I made the three-quarter sleeve option – twice! This sleeve length is perfect for summer as it keeps the sun off most of my arms, whilst not being too hot. I made the first one from the silk jersey I obtained free from the local recycling centre (REmida) and I have worn it a fair bit already, although it creases pretty quickly.


It is perfect with shorts, skirts and cool linen trousers.

I made another one from some beautiful Art Gallery cotton I bought in Boston from Mercer’s Fabrics (I hope it’s still going, it was a lovely shop). The fabric is a bit of a novelty print, being covered in zips. They are printed on the diagonal and lots of patterns say to not use fabric printed on the diagonal. Kennis didn’t mention this in her notes so I asked myself what could possible go wrong and went for it! Be assured, this pattern works perfectly with a diagonal print!


The back of the top is just the same, but I thought I would show you anyway! I’m actually wearing the top with my Itch-to-Stitch Tierra Woven Joggers (which, along with all of ITS’ patterns are 20% off at the moment). I cut off the joggers to highlight the top, but trust me, this top goes with everything!


As with all Kennis’ patterns, this top has been thoroughly tested and there are some beautiful iterations out there already. Check out the ITS blog .



PS you have to forgive the sticky out hair in some of these photos. I seem to take photos after I’ve had a swim and have wet hair.


22 thoughts on “The Uvita top: a free pattern!

  1. Swept along by your enthusiasm and lovely makes, I visited ITS to download a free uvita pattern, and then fell in love with the Vienna tank top which I couldn’t leave behind, and I know it will be so nice in the heatwaves we are having. Looking forward to making both these tops – they look very versatile. Thanks.

  2. What a nice pattern! You convince me to try it out. (BTW, the links provided in your post are not working on my end. I’m wondering if the problem is only with my browser?)

    1. Hi Hélène, just tested the links and they work for me, and others have clearly followed them so I think it might be at your end. You should try the pattern. Diane ( just commented that a ponte might work well for winter.

  3. Thank you for bringing this pattern to my attention. It looks like a good one as your makes certainly prove. You continue to inspire.

  4. Lovely tops. And who doesn’t love a free pattern that looks this good? Thanks for the link to the PDF assembly method. I’m going to give it a go with my next PDF.

    1. You must try the assembly method. If the little tag is in the centre of the page, rather than at the corner, I just cut a bit out at that point so that I can see them and join that way. (does that make sense?)

    1. Definitely, and this is a great pattern company to try. I have tried lots of her patterns and am impressed at the thoroughness of the testing and the way her instructions are so clear.

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