Itch-to-Stitch Paulina top

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a linkup party on behalf of Kennis from Itch-to-Stitch designs and I thought I would take the opportunity to try a new pattern. I have three new ITS patterns to try but decided on the Paulina top because I’ve seen quite a few I really like, especially from Crystal at the Sewing Vortex.

The Paulina has the following design features (taken from the pattern blurb)

  • Knit top with woven contrast
  • Comfortable raglan sleeves
  • Relaxed fit cropped bodice
  • Underlay contrast with shirttail hem
  • Peekaboo cut outs below armholes
  • Wide neckline

Although most of the Paulinas I’ve seen are for autumn/winter wearing I need summer appropriate tops at the moment, but I thought that I could make my version from a lightweight cotton knit with a coordinating woven cotton contrast underneath and I meandered off to shop the stash.

What I came up with was some cotton knit which I had naturally dyed with coreopsis flowers kindly donated by a neighbour. Then I found a shift dress made years which I no longer wore and cut it up for the underlay.


I made the sleeves three quarter length to keep the sun off my arms. I did toy with making the sleeves really short, and I might do this next time. I also chose to forego the peekaboo cutouts under the arms.


I am not sure about the neck. I wouldn’t like a neck this wide in the colder weather, and I faithfully made bias binding from my woven fabric only to find it completely hidden! I could have made it show but the construction method is different and I was already committed to the hidden version, which I find a bit bulky.  Next time I will use regular bias binding, or I might even use the knit fabric to make the neckline sit a bit flatter. Of course, this might just be my terrible sewing…

I used my coverstitch on all the hems on the knit and simply topstitched the bottom of the woven fabric. The top went together really well, as is usual with all Itch-to-Stitch patterns, and I had it made in about two hours from start to finish.

One of the things that appealed to me about this top is the potential for refashioning. Kennis suggests using an old shirt for the underneath layer and I have the shirt ready to go as soon as I find a coordinating knit.

One of the problems with using flower dyed fabric is that plant matter can adhere to the fabric. I thought I would include this rather unflattering photo of me picking a leaf off my new top!


I am, of course, wearing my Tierra woven Joggers, and I had them in mind when I chose the fabrics for this top.

You might note that I’ve had my hair cut off. This is because (a) my hairdresser suggested it; (b) I was bored with the longer hair;  (c) this is so much better for swimming laps and yoga; and (d) it’s so much nicer on a hot or windy day.  You may still see posts with me with longer hair, so don’t get confused. I am not supposed to have the parting which seems to have naturally occurred, so I’m now busy training my hair to sit in a fringe. There’s always something!!


17 thoughts on “Itch-to-Stitch Paulina top

  1. Love the colours of that top, and the tierra pants. Also love the new hairdo but I hear you and had to chuckle at your comment ‘there is always something’!

  2. You are the new Itch-to-Stitch ambassador, Sue! Your productivity always amazed me, plus you had time to go to the hairdresser. Wow! I already told you: I do love your new haircut. You must be happy, it looks fresh and lovely!

  3. Firstly, love the hair!
    Your top is lovely Sue and I’m intrigued that you dyed the top layer with Coreopsis flowers. How interesting! It turned out beautifully and the layered look suits you.

    1. Thanks Diane, just getting used to the hair! I mordanted the fabric in soy milk and then simmered the coreopsis flowers. They give a lovely colour. Dried flowers give an even stronger colour.

  4. What a great looking ITS Paulina Top. The match of both fabrics is well done. I’ve a good memory on this ITS Paulina Top pattern: it was my first pattern test I did for Kennis. Last but no least: your new hairstyle suits you.

  5. I think your new haircut looks really good! Perfect for summer! As Is this new top! I love the color and the contrast it creates with the bright hem! Looks so summery! 🙂

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