McCall’s 7045: another jacket

I have my two wool jackets (here and here) which I use instead of fleece jackets, but I wanted one which wasn’t quite as warm and even more casual, so I had a burrow in my stash and came up with a piece of bamboo knit leftover from two pairs of tracksuit pants, and a piece of 100% organic cotton sweatshirting which I’ve been saving for purposes unknown, as cotton fleece is now pretty much impossible to buy locally, but which is fairly easily available online.

I used McCall’s 7045, a vintage pattern from the 1980s, which I had found in an op shop, but which has a bust size of 31.5″. Yes, well, that wasn’t going to work for me – or would it given the oversized nature of 1980s patterns?


I wanted to make the colour blocked jacket, and when I got the pattern out and measured it I felt that it would fit me, especially if I reduced the size of the seam allowances when sewing it up.

This has become my go-to jacket to throw on when I feel a bit chilly, and I’ve thrown it on over everything, including my latest flanno.DSC09347

This pattern uses snaps instead of a zip, and I never feel completely comfortable with snaps – I always feel as though I can pull them off the fabric, so I would change this next time, although I do like the look of these snaps.


I really like the high fabric collar which closes around my neck if it’s a bit cool.


This is a really good jacket to wear to yoga as it has nice deep pockets for me to store my keys and phone whilst I’m there, although the pockets are quite high and I wondered whether this was a sizing issue, but checking the packet illustration, I think it’s a design feature. I shall change them to welt pockets if I make this jacket again.

There were lots of opportunities for cover stitching, which makes me happy – although not always when I’m doing it!


The sleeves are constructed from three pieces, which makes very economical use of fabric – think all those thin strips that are left over from almost any make, the under sleeves just fit into them nicely.DSC09358

The original pattern had elastic at the cuffs and hem, but after my hooded jacket I decided to add knit bands and I’m really happy that I did as they are so much more comfortable than elasticated hems, and it did make the jacket quite a bit longer which is always good.

This is the last jacket I’ll make this winter, so I’m moving on to other things now, but at least I’ll be warm!



10 thoughts on “McCall’s 7045: another jacket

  1. Oh what a great jacket! I made one last year, Ragland sleeves out of a black on black hounds tooth, then black melton for the body….I used all zips for pocket, front….I’m so proud of it, and love yours too!

  2. You are so productive! I love this jacket. I can see how it will eventually be worn to shreds – and mourned massively when it does 😉

  3. I like how you’ve used the two different fabrics and I too think that snaps are perfect for this style of jacket, though I share your snap-concerns! I really like the jacket and am looking forward to next winter and more jackets from you 🙂

    1. I just pulled a snap through the fabric so my snap concerns are real!! I might make another of these if I can find more organic fabric.

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