Vogue 2634 – as a flanno

I have just returned from the most amazing retreat at Muresk with Fibres West; more on that later, but the theme for the week was “Down on the Farm”, so I decided that flannel shirts and dungarees were de rigeur. My dungarees were duly made, and I set about making a couple of shirts. I began with the Malaga in tartan flannel and then made this more traditional flanno. I auditioned several patterns for this one; the Grainline Archer and also Capital Chic Patterns Cuba Libre, which I love, but which I decided was too sophisticated to be turned into a humble flannel shirt.


I eventually used Vogue 2634 which is dated 2002, but which, I note, is still available. I chose view C, which is the long black shirt which can sort of work as a jacket too. This pattern has been completely modified to fit me perfectly at my patternmaking class. It is so nice to know that I can just cut out without thinking about sleeve length or gaping buttons.


As with the flannos made for Mark and Tom, I French seamed all seams and put the pockets and cuffs on the bias. This was another unbalanced tartan, but the fabric is glorious. I bought it in Stockholm about three years ago and it is warm and comfortable.DSC09199

I used some yellow buttons turned upside down and did a pretty good job of the pattern matching. I had to laugh because whilst I was on my front verandah taking photos the neighbours kept leaning over the front fence for a chat or a wave. I think they wondered what on earth I was doing, but I attempted an air of nonchalance as demonstrated in this photo, which I took accidentally. DSC09192

I did wonder if I had been foolish in making such a long shirt but I love it. I did manage to stuff it all inside my dungarees, but didn’t get any photos at Muresk, so I am making do with these taken before I left.



25 thoughts on “Vogue 2634 – as a flanno

  1. Love the brightness of this fabric and well set off with the buttons. Looks great on you Sue

  2. What a fantastic shirt! To be able to transition from wearing under dungarees… to wearing over leggings… a sure winner!! 🙂

  3. Ha, ha! Your neighbors should know by now this weird but oh so nice looking lady living nearby 😉 Great flanno!

  4. The length is great, and those pockets look super practical and yet very stylish! I really like the pattern of the fabric and the color!

  5. Hi sue, you have inspired me to make a flanno.
    I think I have even managed to find myself with the same fabric.
    Sorry not deliberately copying! Trying an old Burda pattern 3492
    Shani ( Boston and muresk!)

    1. Oh Shani, I would be thrilled if you made a flanno, they are such a good addition to the wardrobe. It was so lovely to catch up with you properly at Muresk and when your flanno is done perhaps we should have our own flanno fest!!

  6. If i started now I should finish a flanno of my own for when it’s needed. Yours looks great, and I’m in awe of your productivity – have you seen my mojo?

    1. Haha, I lost my mojo yesterday as I dragged fabric in an out of my stash. It returned today though… A flanno in your autumn would be excellent!

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