Turia dungarees dress

Hot on the heels of my brown corduroy Pauline Alice Turia Dungarees I have made a dress version also from corduroy. I was busy drafting an a-line skirt for these dungarees when I happened upon a pinafore dress variation by Pauline Alice and noticed that she drafted it with a straight skirt, so I changed mine. Minor regrets now…


Although on reflection I’m pretty happy with the straight skirt. I consider this to be a casual outfit so have teamed it with a jumper that I originally machine knitted for Mark, perhaps seven years ago, from ColourMart UK cashmere and wool blend. I found the jumper recently and wondered why Mark didn’t wear it so I made him try it on and he looked like a middle-aged schoolboy! It fitted him like a glove, which means that it was ridiculously small. I immediately snaffled it and wear it at every opportunity.


I chose to make the dress with a centre front seam down the skirt which I originally flat felled, but it looked really bulky so I unpicked it and overlocked the seam which I then topstitched down. This dress is covered in topstitching but it’s not really visible.


I note that I seem to have pulled the dress up too high, but if I have the braces any looser the sides gape. I need to resolve this if I make another one.

I made the back pockets bigger but placed them where they sit on the dungarees, which appears to be ridiculously high on the dress. Not that it matters as I won’t be putting my hands in them because of the deliciously big pockets on the front.


I am also wearing self-made tights (I had put these in a bag to throw away but pulled them out when I made this dress. I think the baggy knees may have been why I was chucking them out!), a ruched neck top and Arcopedico shoes (how well do they match?). The corduroy came from Spotlight and I hadn’t realised that it was stretchy until I got it home. This may have caused my problems with the bib. This is an easy outfit to wear, but I haven’t yet decided whether I want another one as I look more rectangular than usual in it, although perhaps a denim one would be a nice addition to the wardrobe?



20 thoughts on “Turia dungarees dress

  1. Self-made tights? Really?! How???

    Nice color on the dress, and I think the pockets are fine. 😊 I admit I loved the brown one, so that’s hard to beat. But, this is quite nice.

    1. Thank you Brenda, I prefer the brown one too. The tights are just a leggings pattern with feet drawn on. I actually made the first pair by attaching a sock to the pattern and drawing round it so there was a heel. Then I morphed this into an elongated sausage at the end. As I put my toes through the end, I simply sew round it again until the tights are too short and then I start again!!

  2. Would have more shape and you could dress it up[ with a belt? I love it, looks comfy.

    1. Yes, maybe. I tried with the original dungarees and didn’t like it, but might give it another go with this dress. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  3. It looks great. The egg plant color looks great in combination with the selfmade tights and the grey sweater. Having casual and comfy outfits in your wardrobe is always a good idea and a bonus. I hope it will grow on you.

  4. It looks cosy and stylish. I love it and the colour is gorgeous. Well done saving the tights. It just goes to show that you should never throw anything away!!

  5. Love your new dungaree dress with a straight skirt like this. Don’t know how it would look with an A-line skirt? I guess the waist would have to be more fitted. This jumper is fantastic – good that you could take it back from his original recipient! It suits you perfectly.

  6. You always make the most of your patterns, I really like that! I think your dress/skirt turned out lovely and I think it is normal that the first time you hack a pattern it is jot going to be perfect. But it always is a lot of fun and learning, thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this outfit and think it is a super cute casual look! The tights and shoes pull it together perfectly. 🙂

  8. I think it looks fantastic! and the tights are a perfect match. But I have to say… that jumper! it looks totally professional, so beautifully knit. Bravo!

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