Coolest cap shop ever!

Meet Steve! He is an artisan and proprietor of the coolest cap shop I have ever been in.


Mark and I were mooching along in the vicinity of the Heritage Trail in Boston when we came across it. The shop was shut the first time we went past and really busy the second time, but the third visit was the charm (in every sense of the word) and we had a most enjoyable visit.


The shop is called William Carlton and is located at 148 Salem Street, and in my opinion this is a must visit shop in Boston. The shop is named after Steve’s grandfather, which is a lovely tribute.

Going inside is like stepping back in time; no modern equipment here.

I had a case of serious lust over some of his notions and shop fittings.C3854573-E176-43EB-A53D-ECBF89974809All the hats are made with treadle machines, most of which were donated to Steve’s enterprise.

He has all sorts of machines in here, including the one he began the business with – a Singer 99K. Truly, it’s like a museum in this shop. He has vintage irons, and this really cool steamer


and I thought this poster might be really handy.


I have had plans to make Mark a cap for a good while, and even bought a pattern, but I really wanted to buy one of these for him, so he now has a souvenir of our trip to Boston. This is Steve “branding” the cap with his details and Mark’s initials.


and making a bag to keep the cap in9C10B683-2D1F-4A3F-B8C4-D40B19F3BC3A

and of course, photos of Mark looking pretty happy in his cap as we take in the sights of Boston.






19 thoughts on “Coolest cap shop ever!

  1. Steve’s cap shop is truly fascinating. I scrutinized every details in your pics and I’m adding this place to my to-do list when we go back to Boston. Does he offer different styles or does he basically stick to this one? Mark looks fab with his new cap, but I guess he will have a hard time choosing between this new one and his beloved Yankees baseball cap when in New York!

    1. He has several styles, including a baseball cap. Mark has had so much grief with his Yankees cap, so it’s good that he got a new one. You really must visit this shop, you will be fascinated and Steve loves to talk sewing.

  2. I would have loved that shop too. I learnt to make and fit a drivers cap in my millinery course at TAFE and there is a lot of work in them to get the fit right. I would love that steaming machine that you took a photo of. They are so helpful to milliners.

  3. That looks like a great shop to explore and I love the caps. Mark looks like a natural in his! If I ever get to the NE US, I will remember to stop in!

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