Sweated over the Toaster sweater #1

Followers on IG will recognise this top from my Me-Made-May17 endeavours, and I thought I would write a blog post on how this top came about.

A while back I bought a 75cm Italian wool remnant from Knitwit with the idea of colour blocking with some other fabric and making a SewHouse7 Toaster #1, which takes 1.7m of fabric. Hmmm. I did try laying the pattern on the fabric but was ridiculously short, so I decided I’d put contrasting sleeves in the top.

I shopped my stash for contrasting/coordinating fabric, then I visited Knitwit, then I had another look in my stash, but just couldn’t find anything I liked and which did justice to this really nice fabric. Then I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to get the whole thing out of my remnant, irrespective of my fabric shortage, even if I had to piece sections together like a quilt! This is my first pass at the pattern layout, and yes, the fabric probably is directional, but I had no choices at this point.3257D112-3168-42DE-9F1F-19A32400281D

The first thing I did was to reduce the seam allowance from 1.5cm to 1cm. This made such a massive difference and my blue pen marks can be seen around the edges of the pattern. I cut them off and relaid the pattern. I had to put a centre seam down the back, and reduced the depth of the turtle neck. Having already made this pattern, I knew that the sleeves were too long so I reduced the depth and width of the cuff. I was so close! I reduced the depth of the bottom band, seamed it down the sides, and reduced the width a little bit to bring in the bottom of the top. Job done! This is all that I had left over, and I put it into a special bin for a future project.Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.49.00 pm

This is my warmest Toaster, so I brought it along on my holiday, and boy, has it been useful! Here it is at Kicking Horse Falls


Hanging out in front of the hotel at Lake LouiseIMG_2302

and performing virtual snow angels (no way was I going to get wet!)IMG_2295

It kept me warm in the gondola at Sulphur Mountain, BanffIMG_2219

and took me shopping in BanffIMG_2225

where I bought some amazing olive oil and balsamic vinegar, because, well, we clearly can’t buy those at home!IMG_2236

I have loved this Toaster, but decided it has done its job for this trip, so it’s now stowed away in a space bag awaiting a much needed launder. After this experience I have decided that the seam allowance for any knit patterns I make will be 1cm or even .6cm as I notice a lot of precious fabric goes in the thread catcher on my overlocker.

In all these photos I am wearing a really old pair of ponte jeggings. I used a jeans pattern and graded it down to a size 0 to make it tight. If my memory serves me correctly, I still had to take the legs in to make them remotely fitted. I used all the elements of the jeans including the coin pocket, but I put in a faux fly – mostly because I didn’t want to wrangle with a zip in the ponte. I’m also wearing a merino Deer and Doe Plantain tee with ruched collar and cuffs, and underneath that a silk tee that I should have consigned to the bin ages ago, but just can’t. The shoes are Birkenstocks.

We are now getting on the train to go to the eastern provinces of Canada, so I shall be out of internet range for three days. Never fear though, I hope to get some interesting photographs!


26 thoughts on “Sweated over the Toaster sweater #1

  1. Some great tips to get the most out of your fabric when you have very little left!! You’re zooming past Saskatchewan on the train. Maybe next time you’ll stop and visit ?

    1. We are Diane! We arrive at 9.30 am on 9 May and are staying at the Delta. We only have that day for sightseeing but I would love to catch up – either first thing or at the end of the day?? I won’t be in internet range from tonight until the 9th. Sue

      1. The Delta is downtown – an hour away from me – but the airport is pretty close. Let me know if you think we could meet close to the airport – or if your sightseeing takes you near me, I am pretty much free any time of day. 😄 My number is 416-755-3943

      2. HI Sue
        Too bad you only have one day in Toronto – so much to see and do. If you are looking fo a fabric store, check out this one: https://secure.designerfabrics.ca. It’s not too far from the downtown core. Don’t even bother with Fabricland. Not sure what sightseeing you have planned, but don’t feel you have to make time for me if you only have one day, Toronto is a great city and you have a great sunny day to enjoy it!

      3. Thanks Diane. We have only just arrived and are in a taxi stuck in traffic! We do only have today so might take a rain check until next time. Shame. Sue

  2. Excellent job on getting this lovely sweater out of such a small piece of fabric. Just goes to show how much fabric is usually wasted. Great photos as always.

  3. This looks really nice. I’ve seen some Toaster sweaters that looked pretty boxy and lumpy. It’s nice to see some that fit well.

  4. How satisfying to squeeze such a lovely sweater out of your fabric. Looks really good too!

  5. So, you made this sweater from 75 cm oft fabric? I cannot believe it! 😀 it turned out great and looks so cozy! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! 🙂

  6. Great job and it looks fabulous – you are so creative and adventurous in your sewing! Enjoy the rest of the trip – I am enjoying travelling along with you!!

  7. Your tips for getting the most out of your fabric are great. I often look at the wastage and feel disappointed. All that and a lovely sweater too

  8. Great job on this lovely Toaster, which is serving you well in Canada! I’m taking notes about seam allowances in patterns designed for knits. Just like you, I hate to waste fabric!

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